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25 years ago… Here are the top stories from 1995 as voted by the
South Carolina Associated Press. Read more in our digital archives!

#1 – The top story for the second year in a row was the tale of Susan
Smith, the Union woman who last year confessed to drowning her
sons, 3-year-old Michael and 14-month-old Alex. In October 1994,
she said a carjacker took them. Nine days later she confessed
to rolling her car, with the boys inside, into John D. Long Lake.
Jurors found her guilty of murder but could not bring themselves to
sentence her to die.

#2 – After 2 ½ years, Shannon Faulkner, 20, won the right to march
as the first woman cadet at the state military school in Charleston,
the Citadel. But after less than a week in the August heat, she packed
her bags and went home to Powdersville, citing legal battle fatigue
and stress that affected her health. When fellow cadet heard she was
leaving, they erupted in cheers and spontaneous celebrations.
#3 – GOP lawmakers flexed their new muscle in the House and
spearheaded tough anti-crime measures, welfare changes and tax
relief for homeowners. Many criminals now must serve more time
behind bars and some repeat offenders will be put away for life.
#4 - A Blackville-Hilda High School student shot two teachers – one
fatally – and then killed himself. Toby Sincino, 15, was facing another
possible expulsion “and just sort of snapped,” a friend said.
#5 – Broad River Correctional Institution inmates took hostages
and stabbed five guards. The 11-hour uprising at the prison near

Columbia was led by inmates protesting strict new rules. The
prisoners released their hostages after they were promised they could
talk with reporters.

#6 – Sylvester Adams became the first South Carolina inmate to die
by lethal injection for killing a Rock Hill neighbor. Appeals courts
rejected contentions by Adams’ lawyers that jurors should have been
told about his mental retardation.
#7 – Longtime lawmaker Theo Mitchell became the first state senator
expelled. Mitchell, a Greenville Democrat and black lawyer, said it
was racist. Those who removed him said it was a matter of ethics:
he was serving a 90-day federal prison sentence for improper cash
transactions he handled for a client later convicted of drug dealing.
#8 – The promise of 1,600 new South Carolina jobs by French tire
maker Michelin.
#9 – Nine former Democrats, including Adjutant General Stan Spears,
have become Republicans since the November 1994 elections.
#10 – Shipwreck hunter and author Clive Cussler made national news
when he announced the discovery of the CSS Hunley, which was the
first submarine to sink an enemy vessel but then itself was lost at sea
with its crew.

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