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2018 Water Quality Report
In 1996, amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act made provisions for the
Environmental Protection Agency to require all community Public Water Systems
to provide their customers with an annual water quality report. Over 60,000 water
systems throughout the United States delivered the first reports by October 19, 1999
and the second report by July 1, 2000. The report continues each year and must be
delivered by July 1.
The purpose of DPU’s Water Quality Report is to increase our customers’
understanding of drinking water and heighten awareness of the need to protect our
precious water resources. Our 2018 Water Quality Report contains information about
the quality of our drinking water and any potential risks associated with consuming
it. It also helps the customer understand the correlation between the substances in
drinking water and activities that may contaminate the water supply.
The Department of Public Utilities has been protecting public health and providing
clean, safe drinking water to its customers for over 100 years. In an effort to continue
our positive relationship and commitment to service, the Department of Public
Utilities welcomes the opportunity to provide this annual water quality report to you.
The Annual Water Quality Report will be available exclusively online at http://www. However, if you would like to
receive a printed version of the report or if you have any questions concerning your
drinking water, please contact the Water Division at 803-268-4404. We will be happy
to assist you.
Please look for future updates about all the services that the Department of Public
Utilities provides as we strive to continue to be your complete utility source.


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