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Sunday Puzzle
Puzzle Solution found on page A7

THEME: THE 1920s

1. Estimator’s phrase
5. Pharaohs’ cobras
9. Cheek ____ test
13. Pays the bill
15. Ho-hum
16. Gallup’s inquiry
17. Plural of folium
18. Spiky seed pod
19. *Lucy’s solo in “The Threepenny Opera,” e.g.
20. *It crashed hard
23. *Insulin’s birthplace, e.g.
24. ____ the season!
25. Rolling country, pl.
27. Mark on Pinterest
28. Change a sketch
30. Tag predecessor
33. Garbed
35. Large amount often followed by
38. Grammy of sports
39. Comforter stuffing feathers
41. *Aimee Semple McPherson action
42. Type of wheat
44. Collier’s work place
45. Dublin land
46. City in Syria
48. *Douglas Fairbanks did it
50. Smokeless tobacco brand
51. Fuss to Shakespeare
52. Last letter
53. *New York’s Harlem ____
60. Et alibi
62. *1920s art style
63. Distinguishing feature
64. Do like phoenix
65. Chutzpah
66. Anatomical dividers
67. December stone
68. Purse for a formal affair
69. *____ Candies
1. Deals a death blow
2. Place of origin
3. *Like Lindbergh’s transatlantic
4. Ear-related
5. Whose music is featured in
“Mamma Mia!”?
6. Talk like a drunk
7. Amusement destination
8. Keen-witted
9. Epsom or Évian-les-Bains
10. It began in 1914
11. *Al Brown to Al Capone
12. Spill the beans
14. Hinduism’s divine feminine power
21. Kind of pie
22. High rocky hills
26. Turkey’s hanging neck skin
27. Baklava dough
28. *Major 1920s electronic device
29. “I Dream of Jeannie” actress
30. “For ____ a Jolly Good Fellow”

31. #5 Across, sing.
32. *Prohibition era establishment
34. Not stiff
36. Feather glue?
37. Visual system organ
40. Interprets, as in tarot cards
43. Product of lacrimation
47. Promise allegiance
49. Receipt listings
50. ____ ____ one’s ways
51. Garlic mayo
52. Goose egg
54. Like a drink in a snifter
55. *Rights and liberties org.
56. Greek god of war
57. Where a bib is tied
58. Repeat a passage from
59. JFK or ORD postings
61. Barker of Tarzan the Ape Man fame


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