Details for Mary Magdalene Hopkins Mack


Mrs. Mary Magdalene Hopkins-Mack
Happy First Anniversary In Heaven

Momma, as your golden heart stopped
beating, Your hardworking hands took rest,
It broke our hearts to see you go,
For God only takes the best.
They say that memories are golden,
Well, maybe that is true,
But we never wanted memories,
We only wanted you.
Your life was love and faithful,
Your love for your family was true,
You did your best for all of us,
We will always remember you.
We sat beside your bedside,
Sunrise: January 28, 1934
Sunset: July 21, 2018
Our hearts were crushed and sore,
We did our duty to the end, Until we could do no more.
The day before you left us, you praised and worshipped the Lord all day.
It wasn’t for us to know that God was preparing to take you away.
Our mother was a blessing to her family. She was known to be
the glue that held us together, having put Christ first. But, thank
you momma, for teaching us how to put God first in our lives as
we continue to grow together and be a part of that special bond.
Although you are physically gone, we know that to be absent in
the body, is to be present with the Lord. Like an eternal flame, our
love for you will live in our hearts forever.
From your five children who love & miss you so much, everyday:
Moses Mack Jr., Jacob L. Mack III, Sandra Mack,
Brenda Mack-Guinyard, Cynthia A. Mack-Brown


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