Details for MASTERS SALE Case # 2019-CP-3

MASTER'S SALE Case # 2019-CP-38-00747 BY VIRTUE OF A JUDGMENT OF THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS FOR THE COUNTY OF ORANGEBURG, STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, IN THE CASE OF: Freedom Mortgage Corporation Plaintiff -vs- Darryl L. Day and if Darryl L. Day be deceased then any children and heirs at law to the Estate of Darryl L. Day, distributees and devisees at law to the Estate of Darryl L. Day, and if any of the same be dead any and all persons entitled to claim under or through them also all other persons unknown claiming any right, title, interest or lien upon the real estate described in the complaint herein; Any unknown adults, any unknown infants or persons under a disability being a class designated as John Doe, and any persons in the military service of the United States of America being a class designated as Richard Roe; Natalie Day, Defendant(s) I WILL SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION, IN THE ORANGEBURG COUNTY COURT HOUSE; MASTER IN EQUITY COURTROOM; ROOM 304, ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA, ON THE FIRST MONDAY IN JANUARY, DATE OF THE SALE BEING MARCH 2, 2020, DURING THE LEGAL HOURS SALE COMMENCING AT 2:00 PM, THE FOLLOWING REAL ESTATE: Legal Description and Property Address: ALL THAT CERTAIN piece, parcel or tract of land in near Rowesville, South Carolina, bounded and measuring as follows: On the North by lands of James Jamison and measuring two hundred (200) feet thereon; On the East by lands of James Jamison and measuring two hundred (200) feet thereon; on the West by Country Road and measuring two hundred (200) feet thereon. ALSO, ALL THAT CERTAIN piece, parcel or tract of land and being in School District Number 19 in the County of Orangeburg, State of South Carolina, containing seven (7) acres and designated as Tract Number 3 on the partition plat of W. Fredrick Surveyor, dated January 1, 1926 and recorded in the Office of the Register of Deeds for Orangeburg County, South Carolina, in Plat Book 6 at Page 4, and bounded as follows: Northeast by Tract number 4 on said plat; South east by lands now or formerly of Jack Garvin and Marvin Garvin; Southeast by Tract number 2 on said plat; and Northwest by Tracts number 5 and 6 on said plat. THIS BEING the same property conveyed unto Darryl L. Day by virtue of a Deed rom Bonnie Miller dated December 29, 2011 and recorded December 29, 2011 in Book 1439 at Page 279 in the Office of the Register of Deeds for Orangeburg County, South Carolina. 305 Camelot Drive, Rowesville, SC 29133 TMS# 0221-00-01-021.000 (metes and bounds) TMS# 0221-00-01-022.000 (Tract 3, 7 acres) TERMS OF SALE: SUCCESSFUL BIDDER, OTHER THAN PLAINTIFF, WILL DEPOSIT WITH THE UNDERSIGNED MASTER AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE BIDDING, FIVE PERCENT (5 %) OF THE BID IN CASH OR EQUIVALENT, SAME TO BE FORFEITED IN CASE OF NON-COMPLIANCE. IN CASE PURCHASER SHALL FAIL TO COMPLY WITH TERMS OF SALE WITHIN THIRTY DAYS AFTER SALE, SAID PREMISES WILL BE RESOLD ON SOME CONVENIENT SALES DAY AT THE RISK OF FORMER PURCHASER. PURCHASER TO PAY FOR DEED AND DOCUMENTARY STAMPS, IF ANY. PROPERTY IS BEING SOLD SUBJECT TO ALL EXISTING EASEMENTS, RESTRICTIONS OF RECORD, AND ANY TAXES THAT MAY BE DUE. SINCE PERSONAL OR DEFICIENCY JUDGMENT IS WAIVED, THE BIDDING WILL NOT REMAIN OPEN BUT COMPLIANCE WITH THE BID MAY BE MADE IMMEDIATELY. SUCCESSFUL BIDDER WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY INTEREST ON THE AMOUNT OF THE BID FROM THE DATE OF SALE THROUGH THE DATE OF COMPLIANCE WITH BID AT THREE AND 75/1000 PERCENT (3.75) PERCENT PER ANNUM TO THE DATE OF COMPLIANCE. THE DEED TO BE DELIVERED TO PURCHASER WILL NOT CONTAIN ANY WARRANTY OF TITLE. PURCHASER MAY WANT TO HAVE TITLE EXAMINED PRIOR TO SALE. ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF HUTCHENS LAW FIRM LLP PUBLISH: 2/14/2020, 2/21/2020 & 2/28/2020



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