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Top football players in the South Carolina Independent School Association will be playing in all-star games this weekend.

In the SCISA North-South All-Star Game at Northwood Academy in Summerville on Saturday, Dec. 2 at 11 a.m., four T&D Region standouts will be competing. For the South team, Orangeburg Prep's Bill Metts, Matheson Wannamaker and Parker Kuck will each take to the field. For the North team, Dorchester Academy's Lance Brownlee will take to the field.

In the SCISA North-South 8-man All-Star Game at Cathedral Academy in Charleston on Saturday, Dec. 2 at 11 a.m., 8 players and 2 coaches from The T&D Region will be competing. For the North 8-man All-Stars, Hanks Avinger and Demetrius Abraham will represent Holly Hill Academy on the field. For the South 8-man All-Stars, Andrew Jackson Academy's Bailey Ackerman and Jordan Lee will be on the field along with Calhoun Academy's Caleb Crosby and Weston Davis and Clarendon Hall's Dylan Way and Ben Corbett. Calhoun's Todd Layton will be head coach for the South, while Andrew Jackson's Jason Peek will serve as offensive coordinator

SCISA South All-Stars

Noah Harvin - Wilson Hall

Bryce Barrett - Robert E Lee

Bill Metts - Orangeburg Prep

Christian Gaskins - Christian Academy

Carter Parrott - The King’s Academy

Eli Kessinger - Thomas Sumter

Richard Huntley - Thomas Sumter

Nick Laney - Robert E Lee

Parker Wingard - Augusta Christian

Dante Lindler - Thomas Sumter

Lucas Niedlinger - Spartanburg Christian

Alex Cornette - Augusta Christian

Billy Jackson - Robert E Lee

Will Boggs - Hammond

Jonathan Dillon - Hammond

Bradley Floyd - Carolina Academy

Gil Caldwell - Porter Gaud

Jones Alexander - Porter Gaud

Jackson LeMay - Wilson Hall

Mac Ard - Williamsburg Academy

Mason Struder - Thomas Sumter

Jason Jeffcoat - First Baptist

Amir Smalls - Porter-Gaud

Matheson Wannamaker - Orangeburg Prep

Khalil Barcus - Florence Christian

Timmy Campbell - First Baptist

Zach Bond - Thomas Heyward

Henry Locke - Hammond

Jake Myers - Wilson Hall

Brad Tucker - Carolina Academy

Parker Kuck - Orangeburg Prep

Charles Hartstock - Porter-Gaud

Graham Kaplan - Porter-Gaud

John Osborne - Greenwood Christian

Parker Wingard - Augusta Christian


David Rankin - R.E. Lee Academy

T.J. Joye - Carolina Academy

Nic Shuford - Thomas Heyward

Matt Nix - R.E. Lee Academy

Tyler Boyd - Williamsburg Academy

Stuart Miles - Carolina Academy

Mike Heath - Thomas Heyward

SCISA North All-Stars

Braydon Osteen - Laurence Manning

Fisher Jackson - Colleton Prep

Matthew Lathem - Pinewood Prep

Brandon McCullough - Heathwood Hall

Kyle Wright - Ben Lippen

Mateo Thompson - Trinity-Byrnes

Javontay Robinson - Trinity-Byrnes

Steven Ross - Pinewood Prep

Zach Garcia - Pinewood Prep

Javion Belamy - Ben Lippen

Jackson Wolfe - Dillon Christian

Zac Wilkins - St. Andrew’s

Will Curreton - Ben Lippen

Trey Norman - Ben Lippen

Matt Johnson - Ben Lippen

Joe Wilbur - Cardinal Newman

Chris Miles - Pinewood Prep

Nyleem Wright - John Paul II

Dalton Holcomb - Laurence Manning

Brent Jordan - Laurence Manning

Tyqurie Brown - Ben Lippen

Austin Murphy - Pinewood Prep

David Wilder - Laurence Manning

Terrance Mack - Trinity-Byrnes

Taylor Lee - Laurence Manning

Lance Brownlee - Dorchester Academy

Garret Collins - Dillon Christian

Diaz Alexander - Dillon Christian

Manning Turbeville - Ben Lippen

Thomas Bingley - St. Andrew’s

Samuel Coleman - Dillon Christian

Ryan Hooks - Ben Lippen

Evan Paul - Dillon Christian

Brendon Carson - Ben Lippen

Montez Alford - Dillon Christian


Doug Dixon - St. Andrew’s

Jared Amell - Trinity-Byrnes

Christian Wolfe - Dillon Christian

Elmer Bench - Laurence Manning

Rusty Perry - St. Andrew's

Jeff Miller - St. Andrew’s

SCISA South 8-man All-Stars

Robert Crates QB/LB - Coastal

Caleb Crosby - QB/LB - Calhoun

Dylan Way QB/DB - Clarendon Hall

Bailey Akerman RB/LB - Andrew Jackson

Hunter Spielman TE/DE - Patrick Henry

Solomon Brown RB/LB - Faith

Jordan Lee OL/DL - Andrew Jackson

Batten Bostick RB/DB/LB - Patrick Henry

Ben Corbett TE/DE - Clarendon Hall

Jaxon Spartlin RB/DL - Beaufort

Weston Davis OL/DL - Calhoun

Cole Wolcott OL/DL - Cathedral

Clayton Richards OL/DL - Patrick Henry

Ben Moore OL/DL - Faith

Jake Fournier OL/DE - Coastal

Max Emerson OL/DL - Beaufort

Kobe Anthony WR/DE - Cathedral

Ashton Wood WR/LB/DB - Coastal


Todd Layton (Calhoun) - Head Coach

Jason Peek (Andrew Jackson) - OC

Tommy Waite - DC

Jason Cote - OL

SCISA North 8-man All-Stars

Mickey Smith - St. John’s Christian

Britt Gossett - Wardlaw

Peyton Gilbert - Richard Winn

Johnny Edenfield - Richard Winn

Wyatt Brant - Jefferson Davis

Chance Morris - Jefferson Davis

Caleb Kemp - Wardlaw

Jackson Parrish - W.W. King

Hanks Avinger - Holly Hill

Ethan McManus - Richard Winn

Demetrius Abraham - Holly Hill

Trent Jamison - Jefferson Davis

Samuel Frederick - Jefferson Davis

Dalton Beasley - Jefferson Davis

Sanford Satcher - Wardlaw

Oliver Neal - Northside Christian

Parker Lilly - Wardlaw

Nick Edwards - Wardlaw


Head Coach: Michael Tindall - Jefferson Davis

Assistant Coaches: Mark Rodgers - Wardlaw

Darrell Lilly - Wardlaw

Matt Lightsey - Jefferson Davis

Logan Beasley - Jefferson Davis


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