Kuck - Comeback player for September

Wide receiver/free safety Parker Kuck, second from left, of Orangeburg Prep was recognized as the ATI Physical Therapy Comeback Player of the Month at Thursday's meeting of the Orangeburg Touchdown Club. Presenting Kuck with his ATI t-shirt was, from left to right, ATI physical therapist Anna Glomski, ATI physical therapist Marlene Workman and OTC emcee Willie Jeffries.


Parker Kuck is now a senior football player at Orangeburg Prep, enjoying a strong season playing both wide receiver and free safety for the Indians.

But back in September of 2016, Kuck tore one of his anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) and had knee surgery after the second game of the Indians' season.

He had reconstructive surgery and faced months of rehabilitation to get back to walking and running.

"He came to us in November of last year, with his biggest goal getting back so he could play football for his senior year," said Marlene Workman of ATI Physical Therapy on Office Park Drive in Orangeburg. "He got to work and was an extremely hard worker.

"He got back and for his senior year he is at 100 percent (health). He was discharged from therapy on April 19. And he was cleared right away to work out for football. That is very unusual. I've got some orthopedic surgeons now who don't want to let the kid run until nine months after their surgery."

Kuck finished his physical therapy ahead of schedule and returned to off-season football training.

So far, through five games this season, Kuck has 6 receptions for 104 yards, 22 tackles, and 2 interceptions with 33 interception return yards.

"We love to work with our athletes and get them back to the playing field," Workman said.

On Thursday, at the weekly meeting of the Orangeburg Touchdown Club, Kuck was recognized as the ATI Physical Therapy Comeback Player of the Month for September.


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