CLEMSON-- Former Orangeburg-Wilkinson and Clemson Tiger defensive back Jadar Johnson is making a return to the game of football.

It was July 30 that Johnson announced that he was officially retiring from football and would be enrolling at Clemson to get his master's degree in counseling in the hopes of helping athletes who struggled with finding their identity off the football field.

“Right now, my plan is to go back to school (at Clemson) and try to get my master’s degree and then go looking for jobs from there," Johnson said. "I want to do counseling, more specifically counseling with athletes, guys who go through what I’ve gone through

“I want to be that guy they can come talk to and help them deal with that type of thing. Because there’s a lot of players who go through that but never really have the heart to stand up and say that they don’t really want to play no more because of the pressure from other people. Just being used to that my whole life, I want to be the guy to help kids like that.”

However, Johnson's agent reached out the Times and Democrat to announce that today (Monday) Johnson had a workout with the Washington Redskins in hopes of rekindling his career.

Johnson worked out for the Redskins Monday morning at their headquarters in Ashburn, VA. The Redskins are not signing Johnson at this time, however he hopes to have the opportunity to work out for other teams.