Only a few days removed from having K.C. Crosby announce his commitment to the University of South Carolina, Bamberg-Ehrhardt is continuing to make waves in the recruiting world.

Junior defensive end/linebacker LaSamuel Davis, sophomore offensive lineman Drew Wilson and freshman safety/wide receiver Savalas Cann have all received offers from North Carolina and North Carolina State. The offers give the Red Raiders three more weapons to utilize and develop as they have a few more years under head coach Kevin Crosby.

“They all bring their unique differences to the table,” Crosby said. “Drew is an offensive lineman. They actually recruited him as an offensive lineman. If anything, he’s got an upside. I think he weighed in at 6-3, 260 pounds or something like that. Savalas is a ninth-grader. He’s young. He’s going to be a secondary guy and a wide receiver guy for us. He weighed in a 6-1 and 180 pounds. Then, Sammy weighs in at 6-4 and 206. He’s one of those defensive ends that they’re looking at like Ricky Sapp. Kind of measured him with (Sapp) coming out at this age. He’s got that upside to gain that weight to get about 240 and be a rush end.”

Crosby noted that each one of these guys have a unique trait about him that could make them valuable to colleges in the future. For Cann, it could be his speed. According to Crosby, he runs a 4.7 40-yard dash. As a young prospect already getting looks, the Red Raiders will have to find a way to keep the recruiting pressures off of him so that he can maintain a high performance level.

“You have to keep him humble,” Crosby said. “You still stay on him. You still coach him. You still get in their butts. They also see from these other guys about being humble out there in the field knowing that ‘Yeah I’m talented. Yeah, I’m getting looks and being recruited, but I still have a lot to learn and I’m just out here to do that.’ All they want to do is learn and suck in as much information as possible at that age. That’s all we try to do. We try to give them everything they can get to be successful.”

For Wilson, a lot of the same principles that apply to Cann apply to him as well. But for Wilson, the scary part of his ability is that he hasn’t fully realized what he is capable of.

“He just doesn’t even realize his upside right now,” Crosby said. “He’s projected to get about 6-6, 295 or 300 pounds, I think, when he went to the doctor a whlle back for a checkup. He’s got tremendous upside.He started eight or nine games before he got hurt last year. Then, he came back and finshed out the season. He started the last two games with a broken arm. The more he gets in the weight room, the more he works, the better his chances are and the better he’s going to get.”

If the Red Raiders didn’t have enough to drive them before, the offers give them the chance to see that they can have the same opportunity as former B-E stars Martin Aiken, David DeLeon, Da’Quan Bowers and Ricky Sapp.

“They’re very hungry,” Crosby said. “They give it all they’ve got during the summer and during the offseason. They bust their butts just to give themselves a chance to go out and perform on Fridays as well as going off to these camps during the summer. Anytime you can get exposure on a college campus, it gives those colleges a chance to look at them a little closer and watch them on their campus working out for them. I think that’s the biggest thing for them. I think they’re hungry and seen what’s going on here’s in Bamberg. They’ve seen other guys go off and sign National Letters of Intent. They just want the same opportunity.”

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