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Former USC Coach Steve Spurrier’s failed catch attempt at Saturday’s South Carolina spring game may be destined for a “Not Top 10.”


Well, now everyone knows why Steve Spurrier didn’t play wide receiver in college.

The former Gamecock head coach, who still holds the school record for wins with 86 in his tenure, made a gag reel worthy play in Saturday’s Garnet and Black Spring Game.

In the second quarter, Michael Scarnecchia threw a pass to the Heisman-winning quarterback, who dropped the ball falling back out of the end zone.

“I think he had some golfing gloves on or something and kind of rocked it like a baby and it came out,” receiver Bryan Edwards said. “I don’t know if I can help him with that. I thought he won a Heisman, didn’t he? You got to have some type of athletic ability. That one looked bad though. That’ll be on Not Top 10 or something.”

The catch made its rounds on social media with plenty of outlets poking fun at the Head Ball Coach, who laughed it off himself afterwards.

He lay on the ground for a few minutes before popping up with some of his former players coming over to console him after the catch, jogging off to the sidelines and letting the game go on without him attempting many more catches.

-Collyn Taylor,


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