Touchdown Club Comeback Player

The ATI Physical Therapy Comeback Player of the Month for October is Calhoun Academy's Val Fogle. Pictured with Fogle at Thursday's Orangeburg Touchdown Club is, from left, ATI physical therapists Meg McLaurin, Marlene Workman, and OTC host Willie Jeffries.


The day before school started at Calhoun Academy last year, Cavaliers student-athlete Val Fogle was involved in an automobile accident that cost him his junior season of football and left him with life-threatening injuries.

Along with serious internal injuries, he endured ankle fractures, a knee fracture, a wrist fracture, an elbow fracture and a jaw fracture. He went through surgeries to address his injuries and faced months of both occupational and physical therapy.

Nearly a month after his surgeries, Fogle began his therapy sessions at ATI Physical Therapy on Office Park Drive in Orangeburg.

"He spent hours in there with us and he worked hard," Marlene Workman of ATI Physical Therapy said on Thursday, as Fogle was named the Comeback Player of the Month at Orangeburg Touchdown Club. "It was delightful to work with this young man.

"It was exciting to see the progress he made. So, on December 29 (2016), this kid ran out of our door. It was amazing."

Fogle, who had watched his Calhoun Academy football teammates play games from the vantage point of his wheelchair in the fall, returned to play his junior season of baseball this past spring.

With continued healing and increased strength and stamina, he was determined to bounce back even further and go from hitting baseballs to making a return to hitting ball carriers on the football field for his senior season.

This season, heading into Friday night's final game of the campaign for the Cavaliers at Wardlaw Academy, Fogle has played along the CA offensive line and at linebacker. He has graded out at 80 percent with his play along the offensive line and has made 20 tackles on defense, including 2 sacks.


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