We always hear the phrase, “You can throw out the record books when these two teams get together.” While there have been some upsets in the series, usually the team with the better record comes away with the victory.

The team entering the game with the better overall record has a 22-9-1 record in the series since 1981. That computes to 70 percent over a 36-year period. Four times during that era both teams had the same record.

However, seven of the last 12 years the team with the better overall record entering the game has lost. For the history of the series, Clemson has a 43-18-3 record when it enters the contest with the better record, a 70 winning percentage. Clemson has had the better record in 64 of the 114 previous meetings. The teams have had the same winning percentage entering the game nine times and Clemson has a 6-3 record in those situations.

Thus, Clemson is 50-21-3 (.696) against South Carolina over the years when the Tigers enter the game with at least the same record as South Carolina. Clemson has a 68-42-4 advantage in the series overall, so the Gamecocks have a 21-18-1 record in the series when they enter the game with the better record.

Longest uninterrupted series

(Must have played every year/entering 2017 season)

  • 110 games—Minnesota-Wisconsin (from 1907)
  • 108 games—Clemson-South Carolina (from 1909)
  • 107 games—Wake Forest-North Carolina St. (from 1910)
  • 106 games—Kansas-Nebraska (1906-2010)
  • 106 games—Kansas-Kansas St. (from 1911)
  • 104 games—North Carolina-Virginia (from 1910)
  • 102 games—Ole Miss-Mississippi St. (from 1915)



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