Edisto High School senior Landon Smoak, 18, of Orangeburg has earned himself a place in the South Carolina record book.

The big buck he took while still hunting on Oct. 15, 2016, at his stepfather's farm near Orangeburg was scored by S.C. Department of Natural Resources Big Game Program Coordinator Charles Ruth at 152-3/8 non-typical. The 14-point weighed 175 pounds.

Smoak is a frequent hunter but said taking the record buck was something special -- the biggest deer he has ever harvested.

"I got him on the wall in my room," Smoak said of the trophy.

Smoak said deer hunting is about more than shooting. He likes to observe from the stand and via trail camera.

"I really enjoy watching to see how they act," he said. "I like to see them come into the pea field and wag their tails."

But he knows seeing another buck to equal the 2016 record is not likely to happen just any day. As he says of Oct. 15, 2016: "It was a good morning for me."

Racks must score a minimum of 125 points typical or 145 points non-typical to qualify for the South Carolina state records list. Records are based on the Boone and Crockett Club scoring system, which measures the mass and symmetry of deer antlers in two categories - typical and non-typical.

Landon is the son of Sean and Tammie (Edwin) Smoak of Orangeburg.