Media not allies of people

“Allies of the people" (T&D, Aug. 24) is a hypocritical editorial that no one believes.

Ask a liberal and he will tell you that Fox News and some others offer information warped to fit the conservative viewpoint.

Ask a conservative and he will tell you the same thing about NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and most newspapers.

Independents feel that true factual news has been dead since the era of Huntley, Brinkley, Cronkite and Brokaw. I agree with the independents.

No media are allies of the people and all cannot be trusted. No matter how much you try to convince the readers, they will never believe the news media.

I do not believe the media can be more aggressive than it is in spewing their version of twisted news. And regardless of how much more aggressive the media get, no one will believe them.

It is hypocritical to claim otherwise. You have the word "Democrat" (meaning liberal) even in the name of your publication. Dream on.

Eruch Tata, Lexington

Leaders must know right, wrong

When I read the House sergeant at arm’s report regarding the incident occurring between Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter and Rep. Jerry Govan in May, I decided to write this on behalf of my wife and granddaughters.

If Cobb-Hunter were white, would the facts be swept under the rug? Why wasn't the white male House member involved in the same discussion interviewed publicly after Govan got in his face? Is it be because Cobb-Hunter is a strong black woman, a social worker, working with domestic violence and prevention most of her life?

Being a strong black woman does not indicate ignorance, rather competency, not fear, rather caution, most of all, not lack of feeling, rather intense feelings representative of all women fearing domestic violence who may not be as strong.

After an internal investigation, the speaker of the House ruled that both were at fault. When Govan became angry and moved closer to Cobb-Hunter, she put her hand forward. Govan pushed her, grabbed her arm, twisting and bruising it.

Recent developments around our country indicate uncontrolled racism, anger and hate. These suppressed feelings divide us as a nation. When our elected officials reflect the same emotions, it reflects a lack of leadership. South Carolina ranks near the bottom on issues that provide a quality life to all of our citizens. Regardless of party, we need leadership who know the difference between right and wrong when the facts are obvious.

Charles Brave Jr., Mount Pleasant


Tobacco tax hike needed

Responding to the recent article, “S.C. scores poorly on cancer report card,” Aug 11: The House Majority Leader Rep. Gary Simrill stated that "raising the tax doesn't necessarily translate into lower smoking rates." Research has consistently shown the exact opposite.

According to The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, raising the cigarette tax by $1.50 per pack would cause 39,500 current adult smokers to quit and would help keep 29,700 kids from ever starting to use cigarettes. Further, raising the tax could save South Carolina $1.39 billion in long-term health care costs and would generate $266.60 million in new reliable annual revenue.

Raising the cigarette tax would be a win-win-win for South Carolina. It would reduce health care costs, prevent tobacco use and raise needed revenue. It's up to our Legislature to fully protect South Carolinians from tobacco.

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Liz Zimmerman Keitt, Orangeburg


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