Brave local hero

As a citizen of Anderson, I was in Orangeburg on business July 14. Upon entering a local restaurant, I discovered that I had inadvertently left my cell phone in the restroom.

Checking back within minutes, it was not to be found. Another customer, the Rev. Robert Morris, who had seen the thief, left the restaurant, found him and retrieved my phone. Morris then called one of my family members and met me to return it.

I had the phone back within 30 minutes of the crime. The Rev. Morris of the Rock Hill AME Church in Vance is to be praised for his rare courage and action toward a stranger and victim, as well as his pride in his community.

He is indeed a brave and honorable local hero.

Mike Hullett, Anderson

Leaders selling out America

How have American leaders pulled the wool over the eyes of the people? We are supposed to be the strongest and wisest people in the world.

Instead, we are puppets in the hands of China and a “has been” to them and other countries. What a joke.

Our leaders strut around and act like they are important while other countries have the goods. In my closet, I have clothes now that come from Bangladesh, China, Vietnam and Thailand. My nicest clothes are much older from long ago and were made in the USA. God bless America in my prayers. We really need help.

Our leaders know better but don’t do better. There must be a lot of money passing hands to take away from our people and give to all the other countries. How wicked to do that to our own people. So deceitful.

I recently bought something made in America – not clothes – and saw where it was sent to China to be wrapped and mailed back to America. Makes we wonder if what we do make in America must be inspected and approved by China before it can be sold here.

Really, who is our leader? Did we really elect Donald Trump or is he a puppet in the hands of China, Russia and other countries? Then we have a budget every year that sends millions to other countries to help them with their poor. What about our poor who can’t finds jobs? A lot of people have given up even looking.

May our great God have mercy on us. That is our only hope.

Mary Dunning, Santee


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