Korea: Complex, dangerous

With no disrespect to the writer's service and sacrifice during the Korean War, the writer (Leonad Adreon, “Plea for action,” T&D, July 28) seems not to comprehend the complexity and current-day realities (military/political/humanitarian) of the situation on the Korean peninsula.

Were it only as simple as the writer attempts to make it seem.

My father, numerous relatives and a number of his friends are Korean War veterans, and I, not too long ago, served a tour in Korea as an attack helicopter commander in the Air Cav.

First, the South Korean military is a well-trained, well-equipped, extremely capable fighting force. To state otherwise is factually inaccurate and a disservice to them.

Second, the reality is that in the initial stages of renewed hostilities, the South Korean civilian casualty rate would be in the tens of millions.

North Korea has thousands of artillery pieces and missiles stationed just outside the DMZ, pointed south and targeting Seoul and other major population areas, well within their effective range.

Add in that the Kim regime, which intends to stay in power at any and all costs, has and plans to use its chemical and biological arsenal in the initial stages of just such a conflict and you have the makings for a horrific situation the likes of which the world can't begin to imagine.

One thing the writer definitely got correct: "Regime change brought about by a coalition of nations will be necessary. The situation is complex, difficult and dangerous.”

And were the South Koreans to be victorious, current day mainland China would not accept nor tolerate an American-allied regime on its border.

Frank H. Staley, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Korea vets would weep

Seeing a picture of the Korean War Memorial in The T&D recently and being an old Korean War veteran, it brought many sad memories and those who gave their lives saving our country. If those men could come back today and see the mess this country is in, they would fall to their knees and weep.

The television news seems to go on forever about President Donald Trump, Russia and Trump’s family members.

The public is sick of it. Let's turn off the TVs and go to bed.

Thurman Nichols, Orangeburg


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