BAMBERG -- The Bamberg Job Corps Center held its annual Summer Commencement Ceremony for graduates of the program on Aug. 19.

Featured speaker was Bamberg County Councilman Trent Kinard.

At one point, Kinard instructed all of the graduates to stand up and thank the parents, staff and the community for all they had done. He also challenged them to “be brave" in all they do.

Other notable speakers included Bamberg Mayor Blain Crosby and City Councilwoman Bobbi Bunch, who thanked all of the Job Corps students and faculty for the tremendous impact they have on Bamberg’s economy.

Current students have the opportunity to earn a certification in a marketable field (Plumbing, Building Construction, Culinary Arts, Welding, Material Distribution and Office Administration), a GED/high school diploma as well as learn job skills with support that will help them gain financial independence upon completing the program.