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Sheriff’s Office

A woman says her sister slapped her during a funeral at a Woodford church on Thursday afternoon, according to a sheriff’s office incident report.

The woman claimed her sister used an open hand and struck her on the right side of her face, which caused her to drop her 1-year-old son to the ground, the report said. Her sister left the scene.

Deputies noted that the woman didn’t have any visible marks on her face.

Orangeburg County EMS arrived on the scene to check the child for injuries. Medics cleared the child of any injuries.

The woman had approximately 15 family members stating that her sister assaulted her.

The accused sister claimed the woman had been sending threats to her on Facebook saying she would “shoot and kill” her during the funeral, according to the report.

She said the woman approached her outside the church and verbally assaulted her, but at no time did the incident become physical, the report said.

The accused sister had about 15 or more witnesses who stated that she never assaulted the woman and that the child never fell.

The deputy noted that he could not determine a primary aggressor in the incident, but would continue the investigation.

In a separate incident, a Five Chop Road man reported on Thursday morning that someone stole his 8-by-20 foot tandem-axle utility trailer valued at $6,000.


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