The following items were reported stolen:

  • 01/03/17 – Bair Road, Orangeburg: Televisions, sneakers, a gaming system with games and an electronic tablet. Value not provided.
  • 01/03/17 – Glenzell Road, Orangeburg: Someone stole electricity. Value not provided.
  • 01/03/17 – New Hope Road, Orangeburg: A washing machine and dryer were stolen. Value not provided.
  • 12/26/17 – Boulevard Street, Orangeburg: Someone stole 20 cartons of Newport cigarettes valued at $1,200.
  • 12/26/17 – John C. Calhoun Drive, Orangeburg: An unknown man stole and drove off in a 2000 Ford Ranger valued at $4,000.
  • 12/26/17 – Columbia Road, Orangeburg: Someone stole a 1993 gold Honda Accord valued at $2,000.
  • 12/21/17 – Mt. Hope Drive, Orangeburg: A .40 caliber Bersa Thunder Pro, a holster, two full clips, an Apple iPod and $25 in cash were stolen. The value of the stolen items is $1,075.
  • 12/20/17 – Old Ninety Six Road, Neeses: Someone stole a 300-400 gallon propane tank and two vehicle tires. The items are valued at $1,050.
  • 12/13/17 – Blitch Place, Holly Hill: Reported stolen were a 45-inch Element television; a Microsoft Xbox360 Gears of War Edition; a Sony PlayStation; a Savage rifle; a Remington 12-gauge, pump-action shotgun; an automatic .22 caliber Walther pistol; an automatic 12-gauge Browning shotgun; a 20-gauge, pump-action Mossberg shotgun and eight boxes of 20-06 Federal ammunition. The value of the items is $4,680.
  • 12/12/17 – Usha Court, Orangeburg: Someone stole an unlocked 1998 silver Nissan Sentra valued at $1,800.
  • 12/12/17 – Foxberry Court, Orangeburg: Reported stolen were a purple HP laptop computer, a Beats headset, an Apple iPad containing an Orangeburg Consolidated School District 5 label and a 32MB thumb drive. The items are valued at $1,000.
  • 12/12/17 – Garland Road, Rowesville: A red and black International Harvester tractor and two batteries were stolen. They are valued at $6,500.
  • 12/12/17 – Williams Street, Orangeburg: Someone stole an unlocked 2006 Volkswagen Passat valued at $5,000.
  • 12/7/17 – Saffron Road, Cope: A 55-inch Sony smart TV and a 65-inch Sony smart TV were stolen. They are valued at $1,600.
  • 12/7/17 – Boyer Road, Holly Hill: Someone stole a 2013 red and white Honda dirt bike valued at $4,000.
  • 12/6/17 – Morninghill Drive, Orangeburg: A 2018 Nissan Sentra was stolen. It is valued at $19,000.
  • 12/6/17 – Neeses Camp Road, Neeses: A Poland pole saw and three Husqvarna chain saws were stolen. They are valued at $2,200.
  • 12/4/17 – Charleston Highway, Cope: Someone stole copper valued at $1,000.
  • 12/4/17 – Dunn Road, Cordova: A Stihl weed trimmer and a Stihl pole saw were stolen. The items are valued at $1,300.
  • 11/29/17 – Mingo Street, Orangeburg: Someone stole a 45-inch flatscreen Samsung television valued at $1,500.
  • 11/29/17 – Johnson Street, Orangeburg: A 180-piece toolbox set, a bass guitar, struts, ball joints and clothing were stolen. They are valued at $1,272.
  • 11/29/17 – Palm Harbor Drive, Orangeburg: Someone stole a 40-inch Hisense television, a 32-inch Insignia television, two Microsoft Xbox gaming systems and a laptop computer. The stolen items are valued at $1,267.
  • 11/29/17 – Ninety Six Road, Orangeburg: Reported stolen were a Bostick air roofing gun, a Hitachi air roofing gun, a skill saw and identification cards. The items are valued at $1,055.

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