A bill that would require students to stay in school until the age of 18 has been approved by the House Education and Public Works Committee’s K-12 subcommittee.

The bill now moves to the full committee for consideration.

“We’re really pleased that the subcommittee voted unanimously to send this bill out. It’s sponsored by a number of key members of the House, we’ve been working on this bill with local education leaders for some time, and we’re elated that it’s finally moved past this hurdle,” said Rep. Jerry Govan, D-Orangeburg.

The bill says parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring their children attend school from 5 to 18 years, or until their children graduate from high school. Parents can choose to have their children not attend kindergarten.

“We hope to see this bill passed on the floor this legislative session. It’s important to ensure we’re doing all we can to get our children a high-quality education,” Govan said.