Sheriff’s Office

A Second Avenue woman said she stabbed her boyfriend after he allegedly grabbed her by the throat and punched her on Tuesday night, according to a sheriff’s office incident report.

When deputies arrived at the home at 11:13 p.m., they saw the woman standing in the roadway with blood on her shirt.

She and her boyfriend of three years had an argument about his alleged drug use and possible infidelity, the report said. The woman packed up her boyfriend’s belongings and put them outside of the residence.

Later, she heard her boyfriend knocking on the front door and back door.

When she refused to let him inside, he allegedly kicked in the back door and gained entry.

He then argued with the woman about why she placed his items outside of the residence and used his fist to punch her several times in the face, the report said.

Ultimately, she fell to the floor and he allegedly continued kicking her.

Her boyfriend then allegedly grabbed her by her throat and punched her in her face several times. She said he also threatened to kill her.

After she grabbed her boyfriend in his private area, she got up and grabbed a steak knife that was in the kitchen.

She said that when her boyfriend ran toward her, she stabbed him in the chest, the report said.

He then told her to call his mother.

The boyfriend left the residence on foot toward the dead end of Second Avenue.

Multiple deputies arrived at the residence to search for her injured boyfriend, but weren’t able to find him there or in the vicinity.

Orangeburg County EMS arrived to check the woman’s injuries. She had a bloodshot eye and a bruised lip.

The woman declined to go to the Regional Medical Center and victim’s services.

She also claimed this wasn’t the first time he physically assaulted her.

The incident remains under investigation.

  • A Morninghill Drive man reported Tuesday morning that someone stole his 2018 Nissan Sentra.

He told deputies that he left his vehicle unlocked with the motor running while he returned to his apartment unit to retrieve his cellphone.

When he returned to his vehicle about two minutes later, someone had stolen it.

The vehicle is valued at $19,000.

  • Video surveillance cameras captured the theft of several pieces of outdoor equipment from the Orangeburg County Roads and Bridges office on Neeses Camp Road in Neeses on Monday morning.

A supervisor called deputies when he arrived at the site and discovered a Poland pole saw and three Husqvarna chainsaws were missing.

The value of the tools is $2,200.


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