Philip Saldano

A Rowesville man has been charged with multiple counts of using fake prescriptions to obtain narcotics.

Philip Saldano of 920 Calhoun Street was taken into custody Saturday after trying to pass a prescription that police said was bogus.

Once in custody, Saldano was charged with two counts of possession of controlled substances and two counts of attempting to obtain controlled substances.

The 36-year-old was further charged in three more incidents that investigators said happened two weeks ago.

Orangeburg Department of Public Safety officers were called to the Magnolia Street CVS pharmacy on April 14 after a man was said to have passed a fraudulent prescription. About a half hour later, the man and a woman returned to the store to pick up Adderall, a stimulant used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Police say they recognized Saldano and the woman from the store's security video.

Within minutes on that same day, police were sent to CVS on John C. Calhoun Drive after a man attempted to obtain Adderall. He wasn't given the prescription, however. Police noticed the man looked like the man in the Magnolia Street CVS video

Then a pharmacist at the Walmart Neighborhood Market reported a fake prescription that was dropped off to be filled. It appeared to be from the same psychiatrist's office as the CVS prescriptions.

As police were speaking with Walmart staff, a woman entered the business trying to pick up the prescription. When police approached the woman, she immediately stated she "knew this was trouble," according to a police incident report.

The woman said she had more fake prescriptions in her pocket she was to pick up for a man. She turned those over to investigators saying she would cooperate with law enforcement, the report said.

The John C. Calhoun Drive CVS then called police on Saturday just after 1 p.m. after the man allegedly tried to pass off another fake prescription.

Police arrived as the man waited on the prescription to be filled. As he was taken into custody, officers found a quantity of pills believed to be Oxycontin in his sock.

Three warrants from the earlier attempts -- two counts of attempting to obtain a controlled substance and one count of distribution of a controlled substance -- were served on Saldano after his arrest. He faces up to 15 years if convicted of the charges.

Police say more arrests are expected in the case.

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