The following property transfers are on file at the Orangeburg County Courthouse for Dec. 12–29:

  • Randall A. Shumpert to Janette Shumpert, Tax Parcel Numbers 0021-00-02-008.000, 0021-00-02-002.000, love and affection.
  • Corrective Deed – John A. Fogle III to Fogle Family Real Estate LLC, TMS 0056-00-08-006.000, Willow Township.
  • William Miller to Kyle W. Scharlock, TMN 0232-00-05-026.000, Bowman Township, $40,000.
  • Corrected Title – Lois Best and Aston Best to Daisy Tisdale, TMS 0188-00-03-035.000, New Hope Township, $6,000.
  • Robert L. McDonald to Tonya E. Oliver, TMN 0173-06-26-013.000, $5 love and affection.
  • Mamie E. Ellis to Mary E. Jenkins and Mervin A. Jenkins, TMN 0358-14-01-006.000, Eutaw Township, $5 love and affection.
  • Mary E. Jenkins and Verdell Oliver to Fred Gilliard, portion of TMN 0358-14-01-011.000, Eutaw Township, $5,000.
  • Mary E. Jenkins to Fred Gilliard, TMN 0358-13-02-008.000, Eutaw Township, $1,000.
  • Bobby Gordon to Robert Davin Gordon Sr., TMN 0058-10-10-001.000, $5 love and affection.
  • Carolyn Q. Gordon to Amekoa Lenesh Mack, TMN 0058-10-03-002.000, Hebron Township, $5 love and affection.
  • Clyde Mack Jr. to Sam J. Anthony, Bobby Gordon and E.L. Charley, trustees of North Edisto Lodge Number 18 Free Masons, TMN 0060-08-07-011.000, Town of North, $1,000.
  • Deborah Bates Durr, Cindy Bates Williams and Kimberly Bates Binnicker to Brenda Bates Fanning, aka Brenda Bates Bowers, TMN 0054-10-01-002.000, Town of Norway, $5 love and affection.
  • Vickie L. Sanders, aka Vickie Lane Sanders, to Samuel J. Gray, TMN 0113-09-01-035.000 (portion), $15,000.
  • M.W. Whetstone Jr. to Marcia W. Hughes, Nancy W. Jeffcoat and Donna W. Smoak, TMN 0127-00-02-005.000 (portion), Zion Township, $5 love and affection.
  • Marcia W. Hughes to Leslie Ray Jeffcoat III, TMN 0127-00-02-005.000 (portion), Zion Township, $4,000.
  • Nancy W. Jeffcoat to Leslie Ray Jeffcoat III, TMN 0127-00-02-005.000 (portion), Zion Township, $4,000.
  • Donna W.Smoak to Leslie Ray Jeffcoat, TMN 0127-00-02-005.000, Zion Township, $4,000.
  • Jesse Chavis Jr. to George S. Chavis, TMS 0065-00-01-009.000 (portion) and TMS 0065-00-02-001.000, Elizabeth Township, $5 in hand.
  • Waters LLP to Roy H. Ambrose III, TMS 0113-00-05-003, Liberty Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Rambo Group Inc. to Wilbo Enterprises LLC, TMS 0173-20-01-005.000 and 0173-20-01-006.000, Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Bonnie and Terry Caddell to Sharon Sanders, TMN 0143-18-03-003.000, $15,000.
  • Doretha Brigman to Good Shepherd Community Ministries, TMS 0102-19-09-002.00, Town of Cope, no other consideration.
  • F. Douglas Shuler to James P. Shuler and Corey D. Shuler, TMN 0279-00-02-058.000, Providence Township, $15,000.
  • Sandra Annette Kizer Harvey to Holseberg Properties LLC, TMS 0340-00-07-007, $189,098.
  • Atlas NC I SPE LLC to C&D Properties LLC, TMS 0173-13-09-002, City of Orangeburg, $25,000.
  • Annie Ruth Jones, nka Annie Butler, to Annie Butler and Julaine Jones, TMN 0047-00-37-007, Willow Township, $10 in hand.
  • J.J. & J. Enterprise to Tory and Haseezah Blakely, TMN 0246-19-19-004.000, $5.
  • Drayford Reed, aka Drayton Reed, to Earnestine Bryant, TMN 0328-00-05-019.000, Vance Township, $11,000.
  • AFNOCO LLC to Stacie Akers, TMN 0065-00-04-039.000, $15,000.
  • ROI US Holdings LLC to Nickole Gene Tolson, TMS 0174-15-02-006.000, $11,000.
  • Kristen Marie Daniels and Jesse T. Daniels to SC Battlegrounds Preservation Trust, TMN 0358-15-00-032.000, $58,000.
  • Bessie K. Clifton to James S. Clifton III, TMN 0151-07-04-004, Limestone Township, $5.
  • Bessie K. Clifton to James S. Clifton III, TMN 0173-16-12-004, $5.
  • Sylvia B. Brannon, as trustee of the Sylvia B. Brannon Revocable Trust, to SHRA Performance Marketing LLC, TMN 0113-00-05-030.000 (portion of) and TMN 0113-00-05-030.001, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Mary Katherine Jett to Velma Rae Butler and Christopher Allen Butler, TMN 0191-11-05-009, Town of Branchville, $5.
  • Perry W. Smith, Joseph M. Mattei and Sandra J. Mattei to Jonathan Smith, TMS 0343-09-06-003, $5.
  • Perry W. Smith, Joseph M. Mattei and Sandra J. Mattei to Joseph M. Mattei and Sandra J. Mattei, to be taken out of TMN 0343-09-06-003.000 and added to TMS 0343-09-06-002.000, $5.
  • Lowcountry Residential Homes LLC to Willie L. Irick and Latasha N. Green, TMS 0142-16-05-005, $155,000.

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