The following property transfers are on file at the Orangeburg County Courthouse for Oct. 23-27:

  • Charles S. Butler III and Sharon B. Butler to William David Sisolak and Darla Feld Sisolak, TMN 0111-00-15-074.000, Zion Township, $162,500.
  • Carol T. McNeal to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Cathy Seelbinder IRA, TMS 0282-07-00-008.000, $4,000.
  • John Hodges, aka John Thomas Hodges, and Arlene Hodges, aka Arlene Geneva Hodges, to Joao Carlos Knipp Xavier and Fernando Knipp Xavier, TMS 0321-00-01-104, TMS 0321-00-01-118 and TMS 0321-00-01-075, $130,000.
  • Kenneth G. Spiroff to Judy L. Schmidt, TMS 00322-00-00-048, Providence Township, $120,000.
  • Michael Neal to Joserlane Mendes Dasilva, TMS 0357-07-01-008, $13,000.
  • Kirkland Shade Green to Timothy C. Brown, TMN 0174-20-03-068.000, New Brookland, $2,000.
  • J-CO Properties LLC and M&S Properties of Chapin LLC to Orangeburg Real Estate Holdings LLC, TMS 180-17-02-004, Orange Township, $10.
  • Charles E. Pimble to Vivian Davis, TMN 0206-00-07-017, Orange Township, $107,000.
  • The Farmers and Merchants Bank of South Carolina to William Travis Chubb, TMN 0358-18-01-037 and 0358-18-01-037.001, $65,000.
  • William Travis Chubb to Christopher L. Barker and Brianna G. Barker, TMS 0358-18-01-037.000 and 0358-18-01-037.001, $91,000.
  • Lonnie Marchant and Angelic Nicole Marchant to Angela W. Hughes and Wesley R. Hughes, TMS 0358-16-01-005, $50,000.
  • James V. Shirer and Debbie Shirer to New Direction Community Church, TMN 0282-00-03-001, Elloree Township, $5.
  • Ernest David Derrick and Snobia I. Derrick to Jeffery B. Derrick, TMS 231-09-00-009, Township of Cow Castle, $5.
  • David Mints, aka David Mintz; Robert Dash Jr., by Mattie Mae Mintz, attorney in fact; and Sabrice Dash, aka Fabrice Dash, by Mattie Mae Mintz, attorney in fact, to Roshonda L. Carson, TMS 0174-06-07-001, Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Wille J. Faust Jr., aka Wille Faust, to Robyn F. Saunders, TMS 0208-17-04-002.000, Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Wille J. Faust Jr., aka Wille Faust, to Morning H. Williams and Keith Williams, TMS 0208-17-04-002.000, Orange Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Barbara Gail T. Griffin to Jackson M. Griffin, TMS 0010-00-04-004.000, Rocky Grove Township, $5 love and affection.
  • Franklin B. Hughes, Jimmy D. Hughes and Ronda Hughes Bouchette to Norman E. McAlhaney and Karen J.McAlhaney, TMN 0127-00-05-006, Zion Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Octavian Miles to Avery T. Haigler, TMS 0174-16-02-002.000, $5 love and affection.
  • Janice Bell and Harold Bell to Gwendolyn T. Lavender and Kevin Lavender, TMN 0057-00-03-011.000, Hebron Township, $24,000.
  • Virginia Padgett, nka Virginia Hewitt, to Jaco Properties North Carolina Inc., TMS 0173-19-07-014 and 0173-19-07-028, in money or money’s worth of $510,000.
  • Paragon Development of SC LLC to Courtney D. Backmon, Assessor’s Parcel Number 0206-00-06-030.000, $15,000.
  • Henry Montgomery Jr. and Phyllis M. Montgomery to Lawrence A. Thomas and Mary H. Thomas, TMS 0183-00-10-096.000, $5.
  • McKeithon Haddock Jr to McKeithon Haddock Jr. and R. Joan H. Kitt, TMN 109-00-04-01.000, Union Township, $5 love and affection.
  • McKeithon Haddock Jr. to Herbert Azail Kitt, TMN 109-00-04-017.000, Union Township, $5 love and affection.
  • A&C Santee LLC to Kimberly Ann Pugh, TMS 0324-11-03-003, Vance Township, $182,000.
  • William E. Shirer and Sharon B. Shirer to Civil War Preservation Trust, TMS 0361-18-03-001, Eutaw Township, $10,000.
  • Robert E. Scarborough and Katherine E. Scarborough to Thomas Alvin Smith and Christine Prater Smith, Elizabeth Township, TMS 0062-00-12-004, $219,000.
  • Elaine H. Dukes to Katlyn M. Platt, TMN 0191-07-04-004, Town of Branchville, $5 love and affection.
  • Mary Norris Mitchell to St. Julien Lot 10 LLC, TMN 0346-08-01-001, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Corrective Deed - James A. Martin Sr. and Joyce D. Martin to Carolyn Kinard Baker, TMS 0142-12-10-009.000, Limestone Township, $137,500.
  • Wendy A. Carter and W.M. Investments LLC to Carter Properties II LLC, TMS 0180-00-03-005.000, 0180-00-03-004.000, 0180-00-04-016.000, 0180-00-03-003.000, 0180-00-04-013.000,0180-00-02-016.000, 0180-00-02-016.003, 0180-00-02-017.000 and 0180-00-04-047.000, Orange Township, $175,000.
  • Lawrence T. Halverston-Tracy to Frank J. Douglas and Elaine G. Douglas, TMN 0306-00-02-016, Elloree Township, $225,000.
  • Stacy A. Downing to Rose Shuler, TMS 0140-08-10-037, Zion Township, $5 love and affection.
  • Marquita Deveaux to Leroy Bernard Stanback, TMS 0183-00-13-003.000, $5.
  • Cathy C. Price to Frankie Summers and Lisa Summers, TMS 0143-12-01-045, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Sandra L. White, trustee, or her successors in trust, under the Ballagh Living Trust, to Gabriela Segura-Soto and Lynn J. Verzwyvelt Jr. TMS 0323-11-02-011.000, $16,000.
  • American IRA LLC, FBO John R. Payne, traditional IRA to Timothy Muckenfuss and Shirille Muckenfuss, TMS 0299-00-02-001.000, $19,900.
  • Joseph B. Lowe to Marc A. Salazar, TMS 0286-09-05-005.000 and 0286-09-05-006.000, Town of Elloree, $5.
  • David C. Carn to Daniel Brown, TMS 0286-00-07-014.000 and 0286-00-07-014.000, $51,000.
  • Larry D. Kemmerlin to Samuel T. Darby, TMS 0111-0-10-035.000, $1,400.
  • Phillips Rental Properties LLC to Danny Covington and John D. Covington, TMS 0013-00-04-001.000, Goodland Township, $3,960.

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