The following property transfers are on file at the Orangeburg County Courthouse for Sept. 22-26:

  • State Properties LLC to Vernell C. Boyd, TMS 0123-00-11-166, Limestone Township, $129,900.
  • First Citizens Bank & Company to Jesse A. Mercury, TMS 0153-05-17-004.000, $10 and other valuable consideration.
  • Duerward B. Middleton to Vernell W. Wright, TMS 0173-15-28-004.000, $5, love and affection.
  • Jonathan C. Keitt to Christopher L. Keitt, TMS 173-06-18-007.000, $5 love and affection.
  • John C. Bartelle Jr., trustee under the Last Will and Testament of John C. Bartelle and Rebecca M. Bartelle, as personal representative of the Estate of John C. Bartelle, to Kim Robinson, TMN 0173-14-17-001, TMN 0173-15-27-001, and TMN 0173-14-17-004, City of Orangeburg, $15,000.
  • Johnny H. Stroman to Larry G. Sanford and Jennifer Sanford, TMS 0135-00-03-006.000, 0135-00-007,000, 0135-00-008.000 and 0135-00-03-009.000, $30,000.
  • Fort Motte LLC to Rasiklal Patel, a portion of TMS 0180-10-02-011.000, Orange Township, $750,000.
  • Linda D., aka as Linda D. Corbett, to John Mark Patrick and Shea C. Patrick, TMN 0152-12-03-003, Orange Township, $260,000.
  • Edward M. Boland III and Leigh H. Boland to Stacy W. Weaver, TMN 0142-15-08-010.000, $220,000.
  • Robert Scott Weaver and Stacy W. Weaver to John C. Berry, TMN 0151-20-04-010.000, City of Orangeburg, $155,000.
  • George Lewis Argoe III to Southard Properties Two LLC, TMS 0038-00-06-007, Hebron Township, $9,000.
  • Fannie Mae, aka Federal National Mortgage Association, to Sam Bunch and Janice Bunch, TMS 0286-00-02-015.000, Elloree Township, $69,900.
  • Michelle A. Green to Quiana Monique Green, TMS 0142-08-01-001, Limestone Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Steven A. Cumbee to Edward Robert Mitchell, TMN 0296-09-03-009.00, Town of Elloree, $126,500.
  • Magnolia Assisted Living Holding Company LLC to Cedar Communities Realty Holding at Santee LLC, TMN 0307-20-10-019.000, Town of Santee, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Karen M. Griffin to Ashley S. Middleton, TMN 0173-12-12-018, $79,900.
  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Corlis Colter, TMN 0142-06-06-007, $105,000.
  • Liberty Savings Bank FSB to Morgan Stewart, TMS 0151-15-11-011.000, City of Orangeburg, $97,500.
  • Charles Keith Myers Jr. and Andrea Laurel Walsh, co-trustees of the Pamela W. Turkett Trust, to David Paul Heinzeroth, Rebecca G. Heinzeroth, David Paul Heinzeroth Jr. and Maryann Elizabeth Whetstone, TMN 0054-10-02-004 and 0054-10-03-001, Willow Township, $40,000.
  • John P. Evans, Kristen S. Evans, Wanda E. Salley and Michael E. Salley to Gaither Gene Holley, TMN 0324-20-03-012.000, Vance Township, $330,000.
  • Jonathan D. Addison to Kevin G. Addison and Barbara Addison, TMS 0331-00-01-092, Holly Hill Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Beaufort Addison and Margaret Addison to Kevin G. Addison and Barbara Addison, TMS 0331-00-01-093 (Tract E) and TMS 0331-00-01-094 (Tract F), Holly Hill Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Beaufort Addison and Margaret Addison to Angela Addison-Void, TMS 0331-00-01-057, Holly Hill Township, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Paul D. Russell to Rosemary B. Russell, TMN 0343-09-07-005 (a portion) and TMN 0343-09-07-004, $5.
  • Beverly Dale Bennett, Evelyn Faye Hightower and John Bennett III to Avant-Moustafa & Brannigan LLC, TMS 0180-18-02-001 (portion), $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Bernard B. Dash to Idella R. Dash, aka Idella R. Crawford, TMN 0173-19-11-001.000, City of Orangeburg, $5 love and affection.
  • Ajit S. Randhawa, as trustee of the Ajit Randhawa Revocable Trust and Raj K. Randhawa, as trustee for the Raj K. Randhawa Revocable Trust, to Paragon Inc. of SC LLC, TMS 0174-09-03-016.000, $225,000.
  • Paragon Development of SC LLC to Denver Malcom, TMS 0175-09-03-015.000, $195,000.
  • Felder Z. Evans Co. Inc. to Bobbie J. Davis, TMN 0174-13-14-017.000, City of Orangeburg, $5.
  • Hidden Lake LLC to Barbara A. Thorton and Amy J. Piccirillo, TMS 0358-11-01-010, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Ann R. Dominick, aka Ann Renfro Dominick, to Joseph S. Jenkins Jr., TMS 0151-20-05-035, City of Orangeburg, $5 and other valuable consideration.
  • Tara Crider to Robert L. McDonald, TMN 142-08-08-007.000, Limestone Township, $135,000.
  • Shamrock B. Thompson to Edward H. Dunlap and Tina T. Dunlap, TMN 0108-00-06-042.000, Union Township, $2,806.42.
  • Emily V.B. Williams to Scott Delargy and Constance Delargy, TMN 0231-00-02-011, Branchville Township, $33,000.
  • Ronald Whitmire to Mary R. Whitmire and Ernestine Adams, TMN 0237-00-07-003.000, Middle Township, $5.
  • Sandra Banks Bryant to Khushi Investments LLC, TMS 0332-16-05-002, TMS 0332-16-06-013 and 0332-16-06-014, Town of Holly Hill, $100,000.
  • James Dingle Jr. to Earnestine D. O’Pharrow, TMS 0371-00-04-031.000, $5 love and affection.
  • Caw Caw Land & Timber Company LLC to EHM Holdings LLC, TMS 0172-16-01-010, $5.
  • Shellie Michael Bates to Ronald Lavern Bates and Doris M. Bates, TMS 0112-00-01-091.000, Liberty Township, $5.
  • Fannie Mae, aka Federal National Mortgage Association, to Jeffrey S. Folk and Kerry L. Folk, TMS 0151-19-02-050.000, City of Orangeburg, $125,000.

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