THE ISSUE: Can Obama win S.C.?

OUR VIEW: Democrats pumping president’s chances here, but state likely to remain in “red” column

President Barack Obama is going to win in South Carolina in the 2012 presidential race against Republican Mitt Romney: That’s the political forecast as put forth by S.C. Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian, a man with a history of bold predictions.

This one, based on history, is particularly bold. No Democratic presidential candidate has won in South Carolina since Georgian Jimmy Carter in 1976. Obama’s 2008 opponent, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, won South Carolina’s electoral votes with 54 percent of the ballots cast, despite record high turnout among African-Americans and young people for the Democrat. Orangeburg County was indicative of the enthusiasm for Obama, with 71 percent of registered voters in the majority-black county casting ballots. Obama got 68 percent of the vote compared to 30 percent for McCain.

The Democratic incumbent knows well that energizing African-Americans and young people around the country will be a key if he is to be re-elected, much less surprise the electoral world with a win a solidly “red” state such as South Carolina.

Harpootlian was doing more than blowing political smoke in his comments about the race, however.

He was making note of the words of none other than GOP strategist Karl Rove in his April 2 “Polling News & Notes.”

“In the first Karl Rove & Co. 2012 Electoral College map, there are 18 states (220 Electoral College votes) where Obama has a solid lead and 15 states (93 EC votes) polling solidly for Romney, according to the latest polling average in each state. There are six states with a combined 82 EC votes classified as ‘toss-ups’ (IA, FL:, MO, NC, SC, VA); five states (MI, NH, NV, OH, PA) with a combined 64 EC votes that ‘lean’ Obama; and six states (AZ, GA, KY, SD, TN, TX) with a combined 79 EC votes that ‘lean’ Romney. In other words, there are 17 states and a total of 225 Electoral College votes up for grabs.”

That South Carolina is among “toss-ups” is surprising. According to Rove, by the numbers, it means the lead by either candidate is not greater than 3 percent.

If South Carolina is indeed in play in 2012, it is not because of new waves of support for the president. It is lack of conservative enthusiasm for the Republican and former Massachusetts governor, Romney. Georgian Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina GOP primary earlier this year in a race that conservatives had hoped would put the skids on Romney. It did not.

That leaves South Carolina Republicans, in general, wanting for a candidate.

Conservative Beaufort County Sen. and tea party favorite Sen. Tom Davis told The State of Columbia: “If he (Romney) frames the debate between President Obama’s agenda of an ever-growing and more powerful government vs. faith in the free markets and individual liberty, I think he’s got a good chance of winning. If he doesn’t draw the line that sharply and tries to move toward the center, then I think it will be very difficult.”

Wow. “Very difficult” for a Republican to win the presidential race in South Carolina? No wonder Harpootlian is talking.

Still, the latest Winthrop Poll from Winthrop University finds that nearly 60 percent of South Carolinians believe the nation is heading in the wrong direction. A third say the direction is the right one. That’s not a ringing endorsement of the nation’s leadership, and history would indicate that people here are more likely to blame the Democrats than Republicans.

The poll shows more than a quarter of South Carolinians still see “economic crisis” as the overriding issue of national importance. More than a third rate the condition of the national economy as fairly bad. But just about as many say “fairly good,” and 54 percent see things as getting better, not worse.

South Carolina Democrats, including African-Americans in large numbers, will turn out for Obama in November. Of that, we are confident. What will Republicans do? How many hard-working conservatives are as turned off by Romney’s rich-get-richer legacy as they are by Obama’s billions in bailouts on top of his touts about helping the little man and the middle class at the expense of the rich?

The election is six months away. Time will tell whether South Carolina truly enters the national “in play” electoral picture. Despite what Harpootlian says, for now, it’s a safe bet Romney will win the state even if Republicans and independents are not excited about his candidacy.

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If there's anybody around here that believes Obama will win South Carolina in November, I have some land south of Miami I'd like to sell you!


...."No"!....The gop /teaparty folks will make sure of that....(wink,wink,). C'mon on The Newt won S.C. Anyway it doesn' matter....Obama/Biden 2012......


"Can Obama win South Carolina?" This question provides south Carolina with the opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the nation that we are not as dumb as our educational ranking among the rest of the nation suggests we are! If we really are smarter than our state's educational ranking suggests, we will demonstrate through our vote in the next election that we remember/are aware of the following:


1) During a declining economy and increasingly high period of unemployment, the Obama administration chose Unions over South Carolinians by filing/supporting a Law suit against Boeing in an attempt to prevent much needed jobs from coming to South Carolina! Obama, like his Union bedfellows, believe Americans should NOT have the right to have a job unless they are members of a Union, projecting their wrath against SC, a Right to Work state. Obama attempted to keep SC from getting jobs!


2) President Obama / the DOJ filed law suits against several states, to include SC, over its immigration law. Rather than do its job, the Obama Administration exerted more effort into preventing States from protecting its citizens by passing and enforcing Immigration Laws that mirrored federal law. Justice Roberts noted recently that the Obama administration seems NOT to want to know who is in the country legally or not. Obama directed the DOJ to ignore all Illegals' crimes less than felonies.


3) The Obama administration fought the State from passing much-needed Voter Registration legislation. To prove how Voter ID is required, a white male recently otained a ballot for Attorney General Eric Holder, an extremely well known black man, which totally embarrassd the DOJ & Obama administration; yet, both continue to insis the status quo is perfectly fine - of course this is the administration that dropped charges on New Black panther Members for armed voter intimidation last election.


4) Obama called bush 'in-Patriotic' for adding $4 Trillion in debt over 8 years; however, Obama has added more than $5 Trillion in 3 years, added more debt than EVERY President from Washington to Clinton COMBINED, set monthly/annual/total added0debt records, lost our AAA Credit rating, & has been criminally fiscally negligent - violating the Constitution/Law in Not passing a budget, required by law, for more than 3 years. He also rejected a balanced budget Amendment.


5) Obama has violated the Constitution no less than 12 times so far, to include: *Libyan War fought to aid Al Qaeda, perpetrators of 9/11, without Congressional Approval; *The Obamacare illegal manndates to buy health care insurance & forcing religious institutions to provide contraceptives & ABORTION-INDUCING Drugs. Obama warned the Supreme court not to strike down legislation passed by an elected congress like he did by himself with the Defense of Marriage Act!


6) Obama has orchestrated the comeback of Muslim Extrmism, erasing all the success we made over 8 years in the War on Terror. Obama aided al Qaeda take over libya, helped the Sharia Law-embracing Muslim Brotherhood seize power in Egyt, and by Executive Order just eliminated the Palestinian Accountability Act passed by Congress, which blocked US $$ ging to Palestine/HAMAS, & directed the immediate flow of $192 Million to Palestine/terrorist group Hamas, Israel's enemy. (Cont)


Obama tried to take credit for & politicized the death of UBL, a mission begun under Bush and carried out by military members who have been trying to do so before Obama was elected. He flew to Afghanistan where our troops in combat are only to give a speech on TV to an empty room instead of in front of the troops there. He announced he is talking to the Taliban about sharing power there...and as he left town they showed how trusting they are by killing 70 Afghanis.


7) Obamaand his DOJ are currently in the midst of Obstructing a Congresional investigation into how the Obama administration provided Mexican Drug Cartells w/thousands of guns, resulting in the deaths of both US and Mexican Citizens, WHILE laundering Mexican Drug Cartell money for the last 3 years, under the premise that they were setting up a 'sting' operation like was the FAILED case of Fast & Furious. Eric Holder has committed 2 counts of Felony Perjury before Congress & still isn't in jail!


8) While America continues to slide BACKWARDS into the growing economic abyss created by Obama's Marxist ideaology of 'redistribution of wealth', dividing America with his Class Warfare, & out of control criminally fiscal irresponsibility, he chooses a Socialist Slogan of FORWARD as his official campaign slogan!


9) Obama rebuked Bush for using Executive Orders and promised he would never do that -- to this point, Obama has used Executive Orders more than 117 times to bypass Congress & push his Liberal/Socialist agenda. he gave a speech last week saying he plans to use them even more if re-elected. He did not wait for that, though - He just used an Executive Order to eliminate the Palestinian Accountability Act passed by Congress, sending $192 million in added US debt to Palestine/HAMAS, Israel's enemy!


10) Obama promised the smoothest govt transition ever & bumbled through it as staff nominee after nominee was eleiminated for not paying their taxes; Made the Secretary of the Treasury Tax Cheat Timmy Geithner (REALLY?!), promised 'transparency' before sealing every personal document, promised all health care meetings would be on CSPAN - 1 was & the rest were closed-door; (CONT)


...promised we would have 72 hours to read all bills before he signed them - he rammed Obamacare thru overnight - Pelosi even told us that we had to wait until it was passed to find out what was in it; told us Obamacare would not only pay for itself but would pay down the deficit - the CBO reports it will cost $2 Trillion; he called dropping bombs on Libya a 'NON-Kinetic military operation' and then a 'Humanitarian Relief effort'...Obama is a serial LIAR, again and again. "Fool me once..."


11) Democrats have not passed a budget in more than 3 years, although it is REQUIRED BY LAW. The ONLY Obama budget that Harry Reid allowed to be voted on in the Senate was defeated UNANIMOUSLY 97-0. Even Democrats could not vote for this thing it was so bad. Reid has not allowed another Obama budget to come up for a vote because they are as equally bad or worse. Obama commercials continue to lie about how the GOP is Obstructing, but Reid prevents any of the House's bills to come to the floor.


These are only a few, but some of the most obvious and most critical, items on record for South Carolinians to consider before going to the polls this October. Again, "Can Obama win South Carolina?" provides South Carolina with the opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the nation that we are not as dumb as our educational ranking among the rest of the nation suggests we are! If ever there was a decision that was truly a 'No Brainer', this one is it!

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