Dr. Abe Salama’s opinion on the wastefulness of the $5.3 million spent for the pedestrian bridge at South Carolina State University elicited a predictable reaction from Orangeburg County Council in defending its decision, with Administrator Young going so far as to say aesthetics was a reason “why the money was invested into it.”

Some on council also obviously need to teach their children the life skill of how to cross a road. After all, the rest of Orangeburg, indeed a large part of the rest of the state and nation, has roads that will need to be crossed with no pedestrian bridge nearby to aid in the effort.

Now that the bridge is completed, it does appear at first blush the project cost was excessive. Missing from the discussion is a detailed cost report itemizing exactly how the money was spent, i.e., engineering and design, labor, materials, logistics, administration, permits, fees, etc.

If council will not provide this data then perhaps The T&D can submit an Freedom of Information Act request to get it and print it so that we the taxpaying public, who ultimately funded the project, can see it.

That information needs to see the light of day. It is ceaselessly amazing that our local councils are oblivious to the responsibility they have to be accountable to the taxpayers and voters.

Mike Moore, Orangeburg


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