I wish to say that Dukes-Harley Funeral Home did act in poor and unprofessional taste in the way it treated the families recently here in Orangeburg.

Both my parents are buried in Memorial Park Cemetery. My father was a U.S. Army veteran and was awarded five Bronze Battlefield Stars during World War II.

I always kept a U.S. flag flying next to his grave site and I always had a small wreath of flowers beside my mother’s grave.

I usually pass Memorial Park three to four times during errands and I always look toward their graves.

Recently one morning as I passed, I noticed there was no flag and no wreath.

I immediately turned around and I went directly to the gravesite and I discovered that the flag and wreath of flowers were missing.

Looking around, I noticed the grounds person was over past my parents’ graves and removing articles from other graves.

I was mad and upset and I left immediately and rode around about an hour before going directly to Dukes-Harley Funeral Home and speaking directly behind closed doors with A.J. Hutto.

Apparently his grounds person has no respect for our American flag and our veterans in that he removed U.S. flags and wreathes and let both touch the ground. He placed them behind the mausoleum.

Never once did I get any letter or notice either by phone or mail that this action was about to take place.

Yes, I am a veteran with 27 years in the military. Yes, my father was a veteran. Yes, my grandfather was a veteran.

Yes, the funeral home/cemetery owner did act in poor and unprofessional taste.

-- Retired MSGT Marion Livingston, Orangeburg


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