In his recent diatribe against GOP hopeful and former Sen. Rick Santorum, "Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist" Gene Robinson is at it again. Lambasting earlier leading candidates, Robinson has now set his rhetorical sites on Rick. Since Gene is open with his far-left ideology, I don't fault him for the inevitable criticism of conservative candidates. That's part of our marketplace of ideas, and most readers understand his liberal bias. However, when Gene fabricates "facts" through mistruths or distortions, it's time someone called him on it. In the case of Rick Santorum, I'm calling him on it.

According to Robinson, Santorum "is a culture warrior who has equated same-sex marriage with polygamy, pedophilia and bestiality." Absolutely false assertion, yet repeated by many of the left to become truth to many. The 2003 Lawrence vs. Texas Supreme Court decision undermined earlier Supreme Court precedence and arguably established a constitutional protection of any kind of consensual sex act. In Lawrence, the issue was local legislation preventing homosexual sexual acts. However, in its opinion, the court not only undermined state and local sovereignty with a new constitutional right, it went beyond homosexual sex to all consensual sex.

Santorum, a law school graduate who practiced law before election to Congress, discussed the potential ramifications of the Lawrence opinion. He wanted Americans to understand that the opinion went beyond homosexual sex to possibly include polygamous sex, bestiality and pedophilia. He did not even speak about gay marriage, but gay sex. He did not equate the types of sex, but implied that bestiality and pedophilia are more egregious than homosexual sex. Unfortunately, the nuances of the argument go above the heads of our "elite" journalists, and they take the simplistic but untruthful approach. Helps sell papers, right? Unfortunately, the perpetuation of these lies continues to gather steam.

In using a "half-truth" to mislead the readers, Robinson claimed Santorum "opposes birth control." Though that statement carries 1 percent truth (as I'll explain), the clear impression is one of Rick Santorum desiring to outlaw contraception in America. More of the hysterics to sell newspapers and lambast the GOP field.

The truth is more complex. During an ABC interview in October 2011, Santorum reiterated his position on contraception: "It is not a constitutional right. The state has the right to pass whatever statues they have." Santorum is one of the staunchest pro-life politicians in America. For some time, he has spoken about the travesty of the Supreme Court's 1967 "Griswald" opinion. In that case the Supreme Court had to determine whether or not states could regulate contraception. Unfortunately, in the majority opinion the court went beyond contraception and "discovered" a new universal constitutional right to privacy. Though not found in the Bill of Rights, the court claimed that "penumbras and emanations" from the Bill of Rights granted this reversal of almost two centuries of Supreme Court precedence. The federal government no longer had to find its mandate to power in the Constitution, but could make it up.

Santorum's primary problem with the Griswald opinion was that the "penumbras and emanations" language was cited to justify the constitutional "right" to abortion in Roe vs. Wade only six years later. Therefore, in addition to the problems Griswald created with further empowerment of the federal government at the expense of the states, it greatly assisted abortion. In the interest of cutting spending to the bone to control our national debt, Santorum does want to end federal funding of both abortion and contraception. He has stated many times he believes contraception to be a state issue. That said, it is clearly one that will not be outlawed by the states. As a devout Catholic, Santorum personally follows church teachings on contraception. However, he will not seek to outlaw it and has no history of trying to ban contraception. That's just poppy-cock!

The radical left in America, personified by journalists like Gene Robinson, are a reason our nation is in the state we find it. In reporting on complex positions, like those held by Santorum, they seek to go beyond legitimate critique. They continue lies and half-truths to brand good men like Rick Santorum as, in the words of Robinson: "far-right fringe ... a nice-guy zealot who should never be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office." Isn't it amazing that Robinson's hero, President Barack Obama, who has sped the nation toward near depression and depravity, is considered "mainstream" to Robinson. A thoughtful man of conscience like Rick Santorum is labeled the "fringe." Our founders would be rolling in their graves. It's time we took back our nation in November.

Bill Connor is a graduate of The Citadel and USC Law School, Connor was the senior U.S. adviser to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, where he received the Bronze Star. Connor is the author of the book, "Articles From War." He practices law in Orangeburg.


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You would think that a man of Mr, Santoriums' wisdom and integrity would know the difference between "blah" and "black"! His problem is selective memory as well as not being able to construct his speech in a manner that does not leave so much for the listener to interpret. And Sir, who is it exactly that has "your" Country? Who are you going to take it "back" from? Be specific Sir so that we know exactly what you mean and thusly, will not misineterpret you as Mr. Robinson has done Mr. Santorium


It is a shame that the author has not figured Robinson out. Robinson and Lyons are twins. The only difference is that Robinson will make sense every once in a while.


You have to respect Robinson for being a loyal card/banner-carrying member of the Liberal Left. Once you accept that as who he is it is easier to read his slanted and spun editorials. He continually demonstrates that personal/PARTY power/profit/benefit supercedes that of the nation as a whole or truth in general. Speaking as a Journalism graduate, it is sad to see journalists sell truth & their integrity for party/political agendas, spin, and attacks. Journailsts don't report the TRUTH anymore!


T&J, If Robinson makes sense every once in a while, it must be every 62 years, since I'm 61 and haven't run across that yet!! Robinson, as well as Lyons, is nothing but a bull#*#t artist!!


hambone you are right..ive never agreed with a bit of his nonsense..its as if he hits a hate filled crack pipe when he "writes'...he is just a pawn for the demo party..he will say anything to curry favor..I'll bet they have some photos of him doin somethin sick and they just make him write whatever they want


It is sad for people like Connor to write an article like this in the paper. Connor needs to know that when President Obama came into office, President Bush had the country losing over 700,000 jobs per month. The country has had 24 months in a row of positive job growth, and 7 months in a row of over 125,00 jobs. Connor, since you're a military guy; why didn't congress called for impeachment of President Bush for lying about WMD's in Iraq. If anyone is one sided, it is Connor and not Robinson.


[quote]NCKEY said: "... when President Obama came into office, President Bush had the country losing over 700,000 jobs per month. The country has had 24 months in a row of positive job growth, and 7 months in a row of over 125,00 jobs."

With unemployment rates increasing over those 24 months, how can there be "positive" job growth? Can you tell me where or from whom did you get these facts?


Nickey: Unemployment was 5% in 2007. On 1/21/2009 it was 7%. In 2010 it went to 10.1%. It seems unemployment grew more under Obama than Bush. And, since the GOP gained the House and can control the Senate on some topics, unemployment has started to go down.


nckey, please illustrate which of his polices caused your claimed increases? Would it be the one where we increased food stamp recipients by 33%? Or maybe the one that increased the debt more in his term than all others combined? Maybe investing in banks and car makers at taxpayer exenpse? Or 500 million to solyndra so that 1000 people could be laid off? Maybe the thousands of workers denied jobs due to not approving drilling permits? Which is it?


Obama just yesterday would not approve the canadian teaxas oil pipeline that could create jobs according to both parties and lower gas prices while making us less dependant on foreign oil...Bush do that too? is it bush fault? We do not care what color he is.. Just do work instead of robbing business to fund his liberal bias.. He has done nothing but lie to you and me..we are worse off now than when he took office.You can believe the demo spin if you want but look at your checkbook..has it grown?

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