Why no Bibles for students?

It was my joy to be in a worship service at my church recently and hear a member of the Gideons speak.

Not only was he compassionate about faith, he was also concerned that so many children are denied the opportunity to own a Bible. His message was very clear.

Did you know that Orangeburg County public schools do not allow Gideons to give out Bibles to students?

Surrounding counties allow Gideons to place Bibles in the hands of public school students.

Something is wrong with this situation. I challenge anyone who can “right” this “wrong” to do so.

The target age for students to whom Gideons give Bibles is fifth grade. Childlike faith will last a lifetime if inspired by the Word of God.

-- Claire D. Shuler, Providence Community, Santee


Solar holds opportunity for S.C.

I read your recent article, “Sun brings power, taxes, T&D, Feb. 26) with great interest. It is an encouraging sign to see our state legislators bringing the Palmetto State up to speed on creating a solar-friendly tax framework that will help us compete with our neighbors for solar investment.

Solar energy has enormous potential. The cost of solar energy has gone down steadily in the past decade, while solar panels have become thinner, better, and longer-lasting. If companies want to invest here in South Carolina, and to put up their own money on solar projects, I believe that we should make it as easy for them to do so as it would be in North Carolina and Georgia. Our state will benefit from the ensuing job growth and counties will see their tax base grow, as empty land gains value from solar installations.

The South Carolina Senate did the right thing in approving the Renewable Energy Jobs and Economic Development bill earlier this year. I strongly encourage the House to follow suit."

-- Webster Hall, Cayce


Senators should reject trophy hunting

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a resolution that transformed 76 million acres of national land in Alaska from a wildlife refuge to a refuge for trophy hunters. This inhumane and shortsighted measure, Senate Joint Resolution 18, is about to come before South Carolina U.S. Sens. Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott. Please join me in urging them to vote no.

There are so many reasons to oppose S.J. Res. 18. It will allow ruthless trophy hunters to slaughter wolf and coyote pups and bear cubs in their dens, alongside their mothers. They will be able to fly overhead in planes to track bears and use vicious leg-hold traps and wire snares.

If you’re wondering why someone in our state should care about what happens on national wildlife refuges in Alaska, the answer is that this resolution establishes a precedent that will endanger all of our national parks and preserves. These lands and wild animals belong to all of us, not to a single group of cowardly hunters in a single state. If this measure passes, what is to keep Wyoming, for example, from deciding to allow hunters in Yellowstone National Park?

Please Sens. Graham and Scott, stand up for our wildlife and our national parks and vote NO on S.J. Res. 18.

Please call Sen. Graham at 202-224-5972 and Sen. Scott at 202-224-6121 and urge them to say NO to S.J. Res. 18

-- Kimberly Shack, Orangeburg


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