I’ve been disappointed by The T&D’s definition of the former WTND building as the “Emart” building. Emart was a late footnote to the building, which had a much richer history. After the fire destroyed the upper floors of the hotel, WTND radio occupied the building from 1947 through the early ‘80s.

I’m sure your identification of the building is meant to relate to the “so important” younger audience. But a lot of people who are older than 30 remember when the building proudly sported giant call letters and was one of the most powerful AM stations in the Lowcountry. Yes, FM has since killed AM, but WTND kept locals apprised of news, weather and other information during the days when many listeners still didn’t have FM receivers. Ironically, WTND actually launched O’burg’s FIRST FM station in the early ‘50s, but it was before its time, so it was dropped.

These days, what is called “radio” is nothing more than over-the-air streaming internet, often just playing music/talk, with NO local programming. Back in the day, real PEOPLE often spent the night at the studios, during ice storms, hurricanes and such, just to be sure to be on the air to bring important updates to the public.

That’s what the FCC mandated, and WTND delivered. I was one of those people, and I can tell you that many of my contemporaries and I have been disappointed by the trivialization of the good public service that originated from that building.

Of course, it’s “old news” now, and it’s time to move on to the next crime in the county. But if you ever have a reason to revisit the building, please give it the credit it’s due.

Dog’s mouth duct taped!

Every time I see an abused animal in the paper or elsewhere, it makes my blood boil. Why would someone get an animal just to abuse it?

I won’t say what I would like to say about this heartless person. What could this dog have possibly done for you to treat it like this?

If you have to mistreat animals, then don’t get one. Or give it to someone who would love and take care of it.

You are a heartless person and I hope they find you and put you in jail.

Maybe we could do the same thing to you.

I hope someone will take this dog and give it all the love it deserves.

— Ed Allen, WTND 1976-1981

Don’t get animals just to abuse them

— Linda Phillips, Orangeburg


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