Anti-union amendment is far-right distraction

2010-10-30T06:00:00Z Anti-union amendment is far-right distraction The Times and Democrat
October 30, 2010 6:00 am

Election Day is on the horizon. And thanks to the financial backing of extreme right-wing front groups, the anti-worker lies are just as pervasive as ever (T&D editorial: "S.C. will approve secret ballot votes on labor unions," Oct. 21). That's discouraging enough, but it's even worse to hear misinformation cloaked in the rhetoric of worker protection.

Contrary to what supporters of constitutional amendment No. 2 would have us believe, the so-called secret ballot is anything but secret for workers who want to form a union. Unscrupulous employers have the unlimited right to interrogate employees about their support for a union - and know that they can get away with retaliating against them due to weak labor laws. In fact, over one in three employers fires workers organizing unions under the current National Labor Relations Board election process.

So let's be honest with South Carolina voters. This amendment is more about political opportunism than a genuine concern for protecting the state's workers - an unwelcome distraction from the far right at a time when our focus should be on revamping the economy and rebuilding our dwindling middle class.

- Kimberly Freeman Brown

Executive Director

American Rights at Work

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  1. slingbeer54
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    slingbeer54 - November 01, 2010 10:35 am
    Union's are a political and labor entity,whose time has come and need to be gone.Anything that help's keep Union's from infiltrating the South is a positive thing.If you don't believe me,ask the folk's who use to work for Mack Truck's.Union's are interested in only one thing.POLITICAL POWER!!!!Now they want to have the power to intimidate worker's who don't want to Unionize,by making their votes for or aginst Unions public.
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