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A 39-year-old Columbia man on trial for a charge of trespassing is now accused of threatening the life of an Orangeburg County magistrate at the Orangeburg County Central Magistrate Office at 1540 Ellis Avenue.

According to an incident report, after Magistrate Meree Williamson had advised the man of his rights just before 10 a.m., he told her he needed to tell her something.

He then said, “The voices in my head are telling me I need to kill you when I get out of jail,” the report states.

He repeated himself, then said, “I’m going to kill you, Judge, when I get out of jail,” the report states.

Court adjourned until 3 p.m.

When court resumed, Williamson advised the man of his rights and asked if he understood.

He said, “Yes," and repeated several times that he was going to kill Williamson.

“You heard what I said, and I mean what I said,” he said.

Deputies will pursue a warrant against the man for threatening the life of a public official.

In other reports:

A Southwest Circle man called deputies to his Cordova home at 8:45 p.m. on Thursday and told them that a neighbor saw three young black males leave his home with two 55-inch televisions, a Microsoft Xbox gaming system and a pitbull puppy.

The neighbor showed video surveillance of the crime to deputies, the report states.

The Burglary Taskforce is investigating this incident.

The value of the stolen items is $1,251.


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