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A deputy responding to a report of domestic violence and a 31-year-old Elloree man got into a physical altercation Thursday.

When the deputy arrived at the Elloree property at 6:09 p.m., he noticed a man walking around in circles and repeatedly stating, “I’m not going back to jail,” according to the incident report.

He ordered the subject to remove his hands from his pockets, but the subject refused. The deputy then ordered him to lie on the ground. That’s when the subject reached for his rear pocket, the report states.

The deputy drew his service weapon and ordered the man to show both of his hands to him, but the man yelled, “Shoot me, dammit, shoot me,” again refusing to place his hands in plain view, according to the report.

When the subject removed his wallet from his rear pocket and tossed it to the ground, the deputy holstered his service weapon. However, the subject, making a clenched fist, charged his father-in-law, who backed away from him several times, the report states.

The deputy commanded the subject several times to stop, but he didn’t. As he was preparing to attack his father-in-law, the deputy grabbed him. He broke free from the officer and continued toward his father-in-law, the report states.

The deputy grabbed his baton and struck the man on his left rear thigh and he went to the ground, the report states. According to the report, the deputy ordered him to stay there, but he didn’t.

The subject grabbed the deputy’s baton and the two struggled. The deputy ordered him to let go of the baton, but he had both hands on it and refused to turn it loose, the report states.

At that point, the deputy deployed pepper spray, grabbed the baton and tossed it out of the man’s reach.

With the pepper spray beginning to take a toll on the man, he yelled a racial slur and told the deputy to get off of him, the report states.

Even with the deputy ordering the man to show his hands so he could be handcuffed, he refused, and the two again struggled on the ground, the report states.

After the deputy took the man into custody, he decontaminated him at the scene by pouring milk and water in his face.

Orangeburg County EMS arrived and checked the man’s vital signs, and then he deputy transported him to jail and charged him with third-degree assault and battery on his father-in-law.

In an unrelated report, a man at Mt. Olive Methodist Church on Old State Road near Holly Hill reported Thursday that someone stole the church’s lawn mower from a nearby storage building. The mower is valued at $1,000.


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