An Orangeburg businessman has been charged with making threats against Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell and Chief Kenny Kinsey, Sheriff’s Office Deputy Major Rene Williams said.

“On Wednesday, March 26, a deputy sheriff responded to Gregory Complete Auto where Randall Dale Gregory indicated batteries and tires had been stolen from vehicles at his auto shop. While the deputy sheriff was taking the report, Gregory began making statements that ‘the OCSO is going to catch hell from him’ and that ‘he is going to drive a tank up the Sheriff (sic) Office and blow it up,’” Williams said. “Gregory continued making threats including against Chief Kinsey and saying that he would go to his home and steal all of his things. Gregory told the responding deputy sheriff ‘that if he observes any deputy sheriff or Sheriff Leroy Ravenell on his property if he is there ‘he will shoot them,’” Williams said.

Gregory, 54, of 2045 Indigo Drive, was arrested Friday without incident and charged with threatening a public official and threatening public property.

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Sometimes you just gotta know when to keep your mouth shut.


i'd like to see that dash cam video for good laugh..

Don't Tread On Me

The ocso is a joke and their attitudes are enough to make anyone mad.


It is a shame that the Sheriff's department spends MORE time in arresting a person who has "good reason" to be MAD at the Sheriff and the "inept" sheriff's department !!!!!
If the sheriff and the deputies would spend this time apprehending the criminals than there might be less crime against people and property !!!!

working girl

I don't blame Randall for being upset. The crime in Orangeburg needs to be stopped. Our place of business gets broke into at least once a month. We call the OSCO they file a report. They actually act like it's a bother for them to file a report. And for god sakes don't ask them to do a fingerprint test. They have every excuse of why they can't do one. And of course once you file your report you don't hear anything else from them. We have even asked them to ride around our business while they

working girl

Are on duty. But to no avail that doesn't happen either. Unbelievable! Either the law needs to stop the crooks or I guess we will have to protect our property. I work for what I got and I be darn if I'm gonna let people just come and steal it. I actually had a deputy tell me one time all their job is to do is ride around. Sounds life to me they are overpaid. My opinion, the city police and highway patrol are under paid.

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