An Orangeburg chemical plant is seeking a permit to construct a new boiler at its Cannon Bridge Road plant.

SI Group Inc. is seeking an air construction permit from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control's Bureau of Air Quality to replace an existing boilerr, according to a public notice from DHEC.

The facility is asking to replace the existing boiler with a new boiler with a heat input rating of 62 million British Thermal Units per Hour (BTU/hr) when fired on natural gas and 60 million BTU/hr when fired on fuel oil, according to the draft permit.

The current boiler has a heat input rating of 32 million (BTu/hr).

There will be no new permanent jobs as part of the construction project, though there will be short-term employment through an engineering and construction company in order to do the installation.

The permit will enable the facility to construct and operate in compliance with state and federal air-quality regulations. The draft permit has not yet been approved and is open to comment from the public, affected states, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

A public comment period will last until 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 29, for the project at 725 Cannon Bridge Road. Through Nov. 15, the project had not received any public comments.

Emissions generated by this facility as a result of the proposed project will include: particulate matter; sulfur dioxide; nitrogen oxides; carbon monoxide; lead; and volatile organic compounds.

If this permit is approved, federally enforceable limit of less than 40 tons per year of SO2 from the boiler is being established to avoid Prevention of Significant Deterioration.

This construction permit will be incorporated into the existing Title V permit with no additional public comment period, provided all public participation and EPA requirements were fulfilled with notice of the construction permit action.

Information relative to the draft permit will be made available for review through the end of the notice period at the DHEC Columbia Office, and at SCDHEC, Orangeburg BEHS Office, 1550 Carolina Avenue, Orangeburg, SC 29115.

This public notice, along with the draft permit and draft statement of basis, may be viewed through the end of the notice period on DHEC’s website at: