OCSD 3: Superintendent must live in county

2012-03-16T01:00:00Z 2013-11-15T23:50:40Z OCSD 3: Superintendent must live in countyBy MARTHA ROSE BROWN, T&D Correspondent The Times and Democrat

HOLLY HILL — The superintendent in Orangeburg Consolidated School District Three must live in Orangeburg County, the Board of Trustees have decreed.

The board, in a split vote March 13, amended Dr. Cynthia Cash-Greene’s contract to require that she “establish and maintain a residence in Orangeburg County and maintain a visible and active presence within the district.”

Betty Shuler, chairman, said the board discussed the section of the superintendent’s contract related to residency more than two years ago but “never took a formal vote.”

Cash-Greene’s original contact stipulated she must establish and maintain a residence within the district, but the board later verbally consented that she must only reside within Orangeburg County.

Trustees Betty Shuler, Dr. Ida Damon, Catherine Shuler and Robert Williams voted to support the amendment but not before Trustee Vernell Goodwin made a motion to amend the amendment.

She proposed that the contract require the superintendent “to establish a residence where she lives.”

“She establishes where she lives at night. She has to reside there, not just have a home purchased there but reside there in ... Orangeburg County,” Goodwin said.

The amendment to the amendment didn’t pass but it was supported by Goodwin, Alice Pickney and the Rev. Dennis White.

“The superintendent is visible in the district. She is attending events,” Damon said. “She is definitely doing what needs to be done.”

Cash-Greene told The Times and Democrat, “I’m following my contract that the board approved in 2009 and revisited in 2012.”

Her contract expires in 2014.

“This district is moving in the right direction and with students as the focus,” Cash-Greene said. “We are transforming this district so that our students are prepared in this 21st century technologically, intellectually, emotionally and globally.”

Cash-Greene maintained that she is “visible” within the school district.

Her contract permits her to use a vehicle owned and maintained by the district for professional and personal use.

Goodwin noted, “ ... to drive a state vehicle back and forth to Richland County and not residing in Orangeburg County, that’s where I have an issue and concern and other people in the community have concerns.”

In other business:

* Cash-Greene reported that 812 students are enrolled at Lake Marion High School. Enrollment is down by 11 students, she said.

* Evangelist Gaynelle Walters urged the board to reconsider holding board meetings in a larger venue. She said when several citizens arrived at the meeting, they left after seeing there weren’t any chairs available either in the hall or in a small overflow room.

* Louise Watson, a parent, spoke about concerns of violent acts by another student against her child. She said she wasn’t satisfied with how the school administration handled the situation.

The next OCSD 3 Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 10, at the district office on Camden Road in Holly Hill.

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  1. KelsiJoy
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    KelsiJoy - May 01, 2012 7:28 pm
    Haven't you heard of payback? It's a real #!*&%. Cash-Greene has been throwing her weight around since she's been elected, so why can't the Board do the same? Nothing personal, just business. To be totally honest, she's doing an o.k. job, nothing spectacular. She came into power the wrong way. She and her lap dog, Bonnie Moskos have many checks to "CASH." This is just the tip of the iceberg. Moral of the story: You can't treat your employees like scum and not reap what has been sown. Sorry!!!
  2. whathehe77
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    whathehe77 - March 20, 2012 12:26 am
    Whathehe77, as usual I have missed some point. Soooooo, does that mean that teachers are going to be held to the same rule. Oh, and I think the board members should have school age children while serving on the board. I bet they won't vote on my last opinion. Like I said, whathehe77!!! She should tell them exactly where to get off.
  3. NCKEY
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    NCKEY - March 16, 2012 2:24 pm
    I pray that the board of Orangeburg 3 would stop the foolishness so the district can grow. Florence 1 had 56 kids in grades 3 through 8 that made a perfect score on every pass test. We can do the same thing as that I-95 district, if we stop worrying about satisfying certain groups. Finally, it looks like Mrs. Goodwin, Rev. White and Ms. Pinckney want to frustrate Dr. Cash-Greene to leave. Those three are listening to the people in the District that don't want change at any costs.
  4. TellWillie
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    TellWillie - March 16, 2012 1:19 pm
    This might be one the most idiotic decisions that I have ever seen an elected body make about a person. Forcing her to move to a county just because she works there is a complete waste of the time and effort of the school board. Every superintendent in the state is issued a car by their district. I believe that the OBG3 school board might need to be more focused on student achievement and graduation rates than how many miles their superintendent puts on a car or where she sleeps at night.
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