A missing 16-year-old has been returned to her Orangeburg home.

Orangeburg Department of Public Safety Capt. Mike Adams said three police agencies worked together to locate the teen in Columbia.

“It was a concerted effort between Cpl. (Danny) Dantzler, the Columbia Police Department, the Richland County Sheriff’s Office that helped bring this child home,” Adams said.

On Friday, police issued a release saying 16-year-old Kymmara Randolph had gone missing from her mother’s residence on Sept. 17. She was reported missing a week later.

Investigators developed information that led them to believe the missing child was in the company of an older female. Police tried to find that woman to question her about the youth.

Adams said Benedict College campus police took the older woman into custody on charges in their jurisdiction last week. The woman told Orangeburg police several hangouts in Columbia where the youth might be.

As Dantzler and Columbia officers checked each location Saturday, the trail led into Richland County.

Officers from that agency were called. As they were en route, they spotted a female sitting alone in a vehicle. They stopped to question her and learned it was Randolph.

Police say there are more details behind the task of finding the girl. But they say the most important detail is the last one — she’s home.

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Thank God Kymmara is home and this turned out differently than Gabbee's case. And WLTX just reported a 16 YO kidnapped by the father of the children she was babysitting in Summerville. What in the world is happening?

Somebody could make Grant talk if they wanted to. Everytime I see his face on TV I am sickened. God only knows what happened to that precious child. I pray that Gabbee is still alive but it appears unlikely. God's peace to her mother and those who love her.


It makes me sick to know that a family would defend a person that has committed a crime especially murder,knowing that someone has lost a love one. Sure you love your family, but there is a time when people committ such horrific crimes that you have to punish them.God can only tolerate the wicked for so long then the devil takes it course. There is a hell and people that keep the devil within the family, GOD will prevail somewhere they will get what is coming to them 10 fold The Bible tell us so


The comment under sudiann was not intended for this article,it was posted wrong. It went to another article that was not posted at all. I just wanted to clarify this was wrong.
I am very glad that Kymmara was returned home safe. thank God she is ok.

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