Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office

An Orangeburg-Calhoun Regional Detention Center correctional officer was sent to the hospital Monday after being assaulted by an inmate, according to a Sheriff’s Office incident report.

The officer was treated for minor injuries. Charges are pending against a 23-year-old St. Matthews male.

The officer said the inmate was yelling that he needed his medication. When instructed to return to his cell, the inmate became irate.

When the inmate returned to his cell, he began kicking the door. The officer said when he opened the door to tell him to stop, he was punched in the face.

The inmate then jumped the officer and began choking him, the report said. The officer was able to use his stun gun on the inmate, and used the stun gun again when the inmate tried to rush him.

Other officers arrived and put the inmate back in the cell.

In other reports:

* The Orangeburg County Road and Bridges Department is short $18,000 in materials.

A worker called deputies Tuesday saying that a Neeses storage facility is short on supplies. He said that two 20-foot long aluminum poles, 30 18-foot long iron pipes and 12 rolls of galvanized steel chain were among the items missing.

The worker said most of the missing material could not be moved by hand.

* Strobel Tire Company reported a $3,000 trailer missing from its Edisto Drive property.

* An Orangeburg County woman reported her SUV stolen from an I-26 location.

The woman said her 1999 GMC broke down Sunday just inside the county line. When she went to retrieve the vehicle a day later, the $12,000 SUV was gone.

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If the inmate was kicking the door and shouting like a 5yr old why didn't the CO call or radio for extra CO's? If he would have done this all of his injuries could have been avoided...this also could have quickly turned into a hostage situation.


According to some, Johnson and Heaton could have prevented these.


Da old Crow say, da boy needs ta learn some respect. GUARD! Guard! GO GET BIG BUBBA! He'll turn dat boys donkey ever which-a-way, BUT LOOSE!!!

be for real

If Johnson or Heaton was in the seat the inmate would have acted exactly the same. The Sheriff has no control over how another Human Being Chooses to conduct himself stop trying to blame other people for the way someone else acts 8,000 plus people can't all be wrong accept it Leroy Ravenell won June 12, 2012

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