* Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office

An Orangeburg woman and her mother reported a man they said was shaking his groove thing at them.

The women said they were leaving a Highway 400 property just after 7 p.m. Tuesday when they saw a man standing by the road wearing “nothing but a white pair of shoes,” an incident report indicates. The shoed pedestrian then began “shaking his naked butt at them.”

The performance continued with the dancer shaking his butt at the women while he backed toward their vehicle. The women didn’t want a front row seat. They backed up.

The display concluded when the man turned and flashed the women.

A relative followed Mr. White Shoes for a while before losing sight of him.

Deputies searched for the brazen butt shaker but did not locate him. They told the women if they saw the man again, to call.

In a separate report, a woman’s car was stolen during a visit to the hospital Wednesday night.

The woman said she and a friend parked her gold 1995 Honda Accord at the Regional Medical Center around 6 p.m. When they left the hospital just over an hour later, the car was missing. The woman said the car was worth $12,000.

* Orangeburg Department of Public Safety

An Orangeburg County man led police on a brief car chase after a local business reported a man stealing, according to a police incident report.

Police were initially sent to Dollar General on Stonewall Jackson Boulevard around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. As police were en route, dispatch relayed a message that store employees reported the subject fleeing north on John C. Calhoun Drive in a “beat-up Buick,” the report says.

Officers said they spotted the Buick traveling at a high rate of speed before it cut across the former Lighting Creations parking lot, turning onto Middleton Street. The subject then turned onto Glover Street, where he finally stopped.

Store employees said the man came into the store empty handed and picked up an electric heater that he tried to exchange for two 18 packs of beer. When they refused the man’s transaction, he fled the store.

Thornaire Jones, 47, of 2223 Carver School Road, Cope, was charged with failure to stop for a blue light and obtaining goods under false pretenses. He also had an outstanding warrant for shoplifting, second offense.

In a separate incident, police are looking for a man said to have harassed another man about spending the night with him.

A Carolina Avenue resident called officers around 1:40 a.m. Monday after an acquaintance came to his house because it was the man’s birthday. The resident told the acquaintance he had to leave.

But the acquaintance became upset and “started crying because he wanted to stay with the (resident) for the night,” the report states.

The acquaintance left. But he came back, beating on the resident’s back door. Then he’d go to the front door and alternate between doors.

At one point, the acquaintance beat on the front door and broke a window, the report said. He then drove off.

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going twerk today?


I wonder if the T and D will get the rude and spiteful treatment that "some" posters get if they make a humorous post?
Let us see if the hypocrisy begin?


This story is humorous. They aren't making fun of someone's death, like you. I think you confuse "humor" with "ignorance."


" H L & S "


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