A Holly Hill man was taken to the hospital after reportedly being pistol-whipped and shot by two men during a robbery, all within about 30 yards of two S.C. Department of Natural Resources officers.

The man said he went out to the woods off of Homebranch Road around 9:15 p.m. Saturday to meet a female and to give her some money for a party she was throwing at a Santee club, according to an Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office incident report.

While he was in his 2005 Chevrolet Impala, two men broke out his driver’s side window. They grabbed him out of the vehicle and began beating him and saying they would kill him if he didn’t give them something.

He said the men tied up his hands with a black cellphone charger cord while they beat his face and his body.

The victim said the subjects pulled his pants off and advised him that they would, “shove the shotgun up his a - - if he did not give them what they wanted.”

The victim said the men took him to the trunk of the vehicle and began striking him with a handgun and a shotgun. They also shot him in the left hand, the report said.

The victim said he saw the men beating the woman.

He said he was able to escape and took off running down Homebranch Road. Deputies found him running down the road wearing nothing but a white T-shirt and a black sock with a black cord hanging from his wrist.

He was transported to the Regional Medical Center with severe bleeding from his mouth and face.

Officers conducted a search of the area and found $470 of cash in the victim’s wallet and smelled marijuana in the victim’s vehicle.

OCSO spokesperson Keisa Peterson said the incident is under investigation.

The incident was called into the sheriff’s office by a S.C. Department of Natural Resources employee who informed dispatch that he needed backup after being informed by two other undercover DNR officers about the incident going on in front of them.

The DNR officers informed deputies they were on night patrol when they observed what they thought was a “very bad” domestic situation involving guns. One of the officers reported hearing the sound of windows “being busted out and yelling, then cursing and then two pistol shots and the racking noise of a shotgun and then a shotgun blast.”

The DNR officers said they did not come out of the woods because they felt outnumbered, the report said. They said they saw and heard weapons, but did not know how many were involved.

They radioed DNR to ask for other officers to head to the location, the report said.

DNR spokesperson Brett Witt said he would look into the matter, but did not immediately get back with this reporter Monday afternoon.

The report did not indicate if officers have talked to the woman.

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Typical law enforcement personnel now-a-days. I have had to go on calls by myself not knowing how many there were, whoopee, darned sorry excuse if you ask me. Would they be scared to go up to two or three hunters? NO they would draw weapons and yell acting like idiots because they think that harassing sportsman is what they are supposed to do, nothing else, oh yeah with exception of marshal law when and if it is ever issued more likely when though.


I disagree that this is typical of law enforcement personnel. I think this is an example of two officers that are in the wrong line of work. The vast majority of officers that I know do the job because of a desire to Serve and Protect. It surely is not for the salary. This appears to be plain cowardice and dereliction of duty, neither of which should be tollerated by any law enforcement agency. It is shameful that any officer would watch this assault and not offer assistance.


i agree zoro

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