An Orangeburg native has been identified as one of two people found shot to death inside a Gadsden Street home in Columbia Tuesday night.

Richland County Coroner Gary Watts positively identified the male and the female victims as Orangeburg native Anne Arant Jervey, 59, of 2224 Gadsden St., Columbia, and Robert Galphin III, 51, of Amherst Avenue, Columbia.

Watts said the autopsies conducted Wednesday show that Jervey and Galphin died as a result of complications of a gunshot wound.

Police say Galphin was reported missing by his wife, Gwendolyn, on Sunday. She and other relatives told authorities they had not heard from Galphin since mid-September and were concerned about his well-being.

A Columbia police investigator went to 2224 Gadsden St. on Tuesday while investigating the missing person’s case.

After being given permission to enter the residence, the investigator discovered the bodies inside the garage and called for additional officers to assist with the case.

Police have not yet said who may be responsible for the killings or what the motive may have been.

Jack Fletcher and his wife, Jeanette, not only worked for Jervey, they had seen her through good times and bad, including recently when she lost her job, they said.

According to Jack Fletcher, Jervey told him she was depressed and didn’t know how she was going to pay the mortgage on the house. He said Jervey told him, “I just feel like the world is fixin’ to end on me.”

The Fletchers said she told them, “I just feel like suicide sometimes.”

The couple said they tried to encourage Jervey and her husband, who’d recently lost his job.

“Jeannette and I hugged (Anne Jervey) and said, ‘No, don’t do that no matter how bad it gets. God will see you through,’” Fletcher said.

Neighbors of the Jerveys say the drama recently escalated when Anne’s husband moved out. They said it was another man’s body found inside the home — Robert Galphin III — that brought police to the Jervey home Tuesday.

Fletcher said Anne Jervey and a man he and his wife had never met had waved at them as they passed by earlier this week.

Authorities say they will release additional details about the deaths of Jervey and Galphin once they receive the results of forensic testing.

The Columbia Police Department and the Richland County Coroner’s Office are investigating the case.

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