A 26-year-old St. Matthews man has been charged with felony driving under the influence in a crash that left his passenger dead, according to South Carolina Highway Patrol Lance Cpl. Judd Jones.

Barry Walter Quattlebaum of 106 Great Circle Drive was charged Monday, exactly one month after the fatal accident that took the life of 21-year-old Sarah Ann Comer of Hickory Grove. Authorities claim Quattlebaum had more than twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system.

Quattlebaum appeared before Calhoun County Magistrate Robert H. Lake on Monday and was released on a $50,000 surety bond.

Lake said that if convicted, the maximum penalty Quattlebaum faces is 25 years in jail and a $25,000 fine. State law also requires those guilty of felony DUI to pay a mandatory fine of not less than $10,000 and serve no less than one year in prison.

The crash occurred at 3:12 a.m. Sept. 14 as Quattlebaum was driving a 2005 Chevrolet truck a south on Maybank Creek Road in Calhoun County.

The truck ran off the right side of the road, overcorrected to the left, then again to the right before it struck several trees, according to the S.C. Highway Patrol.

All three occupants were ejected from the vehicle. None were wearing seatbelts.

Comer died at the scene as a result of blunt force trauma. She was a senior at Clemson University where she studied agricultural education.

Quattlebaum and another passenger were transported to area hospitals.

A State Law Enforcement Division toxicology report listed Quattlebaum’s blood alcohol level at .18. The legal limit in South Carolina is .08.

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what happen to the Hair boy who killed his cousin and paralyzed his other cousinback around 4TH OF JULY they say supposedly no one knew who was driving... in this same county as.this accident? small town cover ups while Barry faces this like a man. prayers to the comer and quattlebaum family.


First of all, whoever is reporting this to the public needs to get the story straight of that night. All three passengers were NOT ejected, only two and the one who was in the truck DID have on her seatbelt. Get it right there T&D.


Crazy your 100% right. I worked the wreck that night and they so have this story screwed up. Only Barry and the young girl were ejected while the other was in the truck and alert.


My thoughts & prayers to the Comer & Quattlebaum family & other loved ones. If anyone does know who was driving in the 4th of July case & has kept quiet, God will judge them. It would better if they would come clean now.


I imagine that Brad Hutto will make some money out of this.


Prayers go out to all families involved. Hard lesson to learn for Mr. Quattlebaum


I'm with you Areuserious and Gator.....that other wreck that took place here in Calhoun where the guys are gonna walk free just because they wont come clean is total b.s. Guess since the guy who died was mexican and the family isnt pushing the issue or doesn't know maybe they can push it is gonna allow this county to sweep it under the rug like nothing happend. Like ANYONE from Calhoun County really believes none of the 3 remember who was driving.....I'm calling B.S on that one


Swampguy, The guy that died in the wreck was not Mexican. The guy that died in the wreck was one of the family members.


I agree with areuserious. The Quattlebaum' did what was right from the beginning by accepting responsibility. As far as the other wreck goes, what more do you expect from that crowd?


I know that the grandmother of these Hair boys is a fine Christian woman & so is Joey's mother. Joey has been saved by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Why don't we just all pray for people to stop drinking & driving; if they drink at all. While I'm at it; texting while driving needs to stop too.


Thank you for adding some justice intothis conversation...knowing both drivers who were involved in each of these accidents I can truly say that they are both good people who made bad decisions but neither deserve the hateful words that were spoken on this blog


getfactstraight- The words "What more do you expect from that crowd"? bothered me. Because of bad decisions, the families are left to pick up the pieces. It's really insensitive to say something like that. Why not pray for "that crowd" instead of being hateful?


Ok people get your facts straight before you try and dog people out...the Hispanic man in the wreck was the ONLY one who came out of the wreck with little to no injury and the driver in that accident was arrested THE SAME DAY as this man...so please keep your negative comments to yourself


It's terrible what has happened in both situations. The families of all involved I'm sure are devastated. No need for hateful comments towards either of them. And while your at it leave your comments about The Hair boy under his story instead of Barry Quattlebaum's story. My thoughts and prayers go out to ALL involved, not just the two facing charges.


I cannot imagine working fatal wreck scenes. A beautiful young woman met a horrific death. God bless everyone involved.


A grown man chose to drink to oblivion/drive his friends at high speeds. He can be sorry for the rest of his life, but it won't bring back a mother/father's first born.Who was never able to accept a marriage proposal, have her daddy give her away, dance with him at her wedding, she won't know the excitement of pregnancy, or sharing that joy with her husband/parents, to be an aunt to her 3 siblings' children, or teach Ag. Ed. What price can you put on this???

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