Sheriff’s Office

A 3-year-old Neeses boy is recovering from dog bites to his face and neck, according to an incident report.

A neighbor told deputies he saw four unattended children in a backyard with a pitbull on Sunday morning.

When he drove past the residence a few minutes later, he saw the 3-year-old boy on the ground with a pitbull standing over him “biting his face and shaking,” the report states.

The neighbor said he ran into the yard, began screaming for someone to come outside and removed the dog from the boy’s face.

Another child ran inside the house to tell the mother to come outside, the neighbor told deputies.

The neighbor said the mother exited house and retrieved the dog and the bleeding boy. She then went inside the house.

When deputies arrived, the boy’s grandmother advised that his parents took him to the Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Orangeburg County Animal Control responded to the scene and took possession of the dog.

A deputy also made contact with the on-call Department of Social Services case worker to advise him of the situation.

Deputies then made contact with the boy and his parents at the RMC, where the boy was undergoing care for bites and scratches to his face and neck area.

The boy’s mother told deputies that she had to use the restroom, so she called the children to come inside the residence, the report said.

Then she heard her daughter yelling for her to come outside.

The case is administratively closed.



of Public Safety

Four sets of climbing gear are missing from four utility trucks at a Department of Public Utilities substation.

Officers responded to a call from the area manager for Carolina Tree Care, who reported Monday morning that four of the company’s bucket trucks were burglarized.

The company parks their vehicles at the Fulton Court location from time to time.

A DPU employee noticed something was amiss at 4 a.m. Monday because it appeared someone cut the DPU fence to gain access to the lot.

Once inside the lot, the suspect opened locked toolboxes on four bucket trucks to remove the climbing gear.

There wasn’t any damage to the trucks or toolboxes.

The value of the stolen gear is $8,000.

In an unrelated report, a man reported just after midnight Tuesday that someone stole his 2005 silver Nissan Maxima.

He told officers he left his vehicle running, with the doors locked and the windows down, while he went inside Henry’s Travel Plaza at 1935 Old Edisto Drive.

Inside the vehicle, the man had two iPhones, his wallet, three pairs of sneakers and $150 in cash.

The value of the missing vehicle and contents is $5,000.


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