As a taxpayer in this city and county, I am sick and tired of hearing law enforcement whine about their hands being tied when it comes to the guidelines for busting known drug dealers.

Too much time is wasted allowing the dealers to keep selling their poison, corrupting citizens and causing mayhem to eventually occur. People end up ruining their lives or having their lives ruined even more so than the addiction.

Sheriff Leroy Ravenell, I implore you to do more to assure that drug dealers are taken off the streets as soon as possible when they are pointed out. If you want to hide behind the excuse that the law only allows so much, then do something to encourage lawmakers to change the law to allow quicker arrests and hard prosecution of these parasites.

I dare say if one of your family members was affected by these society killers, you would work harder to get legislators behind you. My guess as to why it is like it is: Legislators are lawyers who would lose business from the addicted who end up getting in trouble and thus needing a lawyer. Meaning the main dealers are income generators for the lawyers.

This country and this city and county are in desperate trouble when it comes to drugs killing our sons and daughters. The low lifes that profit from the drugs are allowed to ride around in their fancy cars, live in their big houses and use addicted people to peddle their poison. This occurs while the addicted ask for help and can't get it. Shame on any sheriff who isn't willing to step up and demand the ability to get these people before society is completely ruined, and shame on the citizens of this county for allowing things to remain the way they are.

The taxes in this county are extremely high for the service we receive. I find it very difficult to bring myself to purchase anything or pay taxes until the citizens rise up and demand action before it happens to one of their own.

Mr. Editor, I challenge you to do more to further the agenda of busting drug dealers and doing more for the addicted than what is available to them.

Terry L. Hewitt Sr., Orangeburg


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