During the Bamberg School District 2 Board meeting on Monday, Superintendent Dr. Thelma Sojourner advised board members on how fuel prices will impact the school district.

“We have been notified by the State Department that because of the uncertainty surrounding the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey (and now, I am sure Hurricane Irma), temporary measures are being taken to ensure the bus fleet can meet its primary objective to transport students to and from school,” she said.

Sojourner explained how fuel prices could directly impact the school district.

“The state department is temporarily discontinuing sale of state fuel to local school districts for district-owned activity buses. Additionally, the department is temporarily suspending the permitting of state-owned buses for district-sponsored events and activities.” Sojourner said.

The district could still use school buses for field trips. However, the district would be responsible for finding and paying for fuel on its own.

She sought clarification from Tim Camp, director of the S.C. Department of Education’s Office of Transportation.

“I wanted to make sure that I had a clear understanding of what the letter was saying. Also, our school transportation office and principals are fully aware of this temporary situation,” Sojourner said.

Sojourner also shared some positive news.

“Our students are rapidly being rewarded with college scholarships. We are not at our first mid-term period yet. But our students earned over one million dollars in scholarship monies yesterday during our College Application Day exercises,” she said.

Sojourner also announced a fresh opportunity from the state Department of Education.

“Our students have also been awarded a Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program grant,” she said. The superintendent said the FFVP sub-grant is to be implemented during the 2017-18 school year at Denmark-Olar Elementary School.

In other business:

• Board Secretary Loretta P. Goodwin shared a letter of Conditions for Community Facilities Loan/Grant that established conditions to purchase a vehicle and an activity bus for the district. The total vehicle project is $46,000 with $11,500 consisting of a CF loan and $34,500 a CF grant.

The total project cost of the activity bus is $61,000, with $15,300 coming from a CF loan and $45,700 from a CF grant.

• Deon Branch, a biology teacher at Denmark-Olar High School, was recognized for representing the district at the 2017 Science P.L.U.S. Institute.

• Ma’Terius Rumph, Kenia Wallace and Bellrica Williams were recognized as district students of the month representing: Denmark-Olar Elementary School, Denmark-Olar Middle School and Denmark-Olar High School.

• Jennifer Sanders was recognized as the district’s teacher of the month for the month of August.

• Board members Tonie Holmon and Beverly Bonaparte were appointed to attend the Delegate Assembly.

• Dr. Ruby J. Johnson, director of Instructions, announced that the first 45 days of testing for pre-K is beginning and issued assessment calendars.


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