Claflin University is abuzz over a computer hacking incident that occurred over the summer but just recently came to light.

"During the summer, the university discovered that a hacker gained entry into the student database and made changes to student grades involving a small number of students," President Dr. Henry N. Tisdale said.

"The university immediately began an investigation and all affected grades were identified and restored," Tisdale said.

"Based on advice from our attorney, no further comment would be appropriate on this manner. I don't have any problems talking but really I am not able to say more at this time, based on the advice of our attorney," Tisdale said.

Several students told television reporters their grades had been changed, but they maintained they had not done it and did not know how it happened.

One student said changing the grades would have been easy for anyone who had a password. TV reports did not name the students interviewed.

Students suggest that up to 300 transcripts could have been altered and that as many as 75 students have been disciplined in some fashion.

"The school discovered it and went forth and conducted its own investigation and dealt with it, handled the matter from within," a source in the Claflin administration said.

"They were able to audit all of the grades and determined what the grades should be and restored the grades to what they were supposed to be," the source said. "I don't know how many students were involved or what the various reprimands were. I think one of our students got expelled."

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