A burglar alarm at a Treadwell Street home led police to two men they say were inside the residence toking away on marijuana.

Malcolm Johnson, 21, and Joshua Davis, 19, were each arrested on a charge of manufacturing marijuana.

Orangeburg city Judge Barney Houser set bond on each Wednesday at $2,000 cash or surety.

Police are looking for a third man believed to have been at the residence during the incident.

Investigators believe it was that third man who set the alarm off as he was leaving the residence to go to work around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

After getting the alarm call, police arrived at the Treadwell Street home to find the door unlocked and unsecured by any means. More officers arrived to make sure no one was inside the residence.

Entering the home, one officer smelled what he described in his report as an “overpowering smell of what experience told me to be marijuana.”

Officers said they opened a door to a back bedroom and found two men sitting on a bed with a glass bong — a device often used for smoking marijuana.

The two men were secured while police determined if they lived at the home or had entered illegally. It was discovered the men did live there.

Searching the rest of the house, officers found two pots containing what they said were marijuana plants about a foot tall, drop cords, light fixtures, fertilizer, fans and a “how to” book on growing marijuana.

A plastic bag containing a grassy substance was found on a night stand.

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