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When you say “I do” to your spouse, you are promising to offer love and support for as long as possible. That’s why taking care of your own health both before and after your wedding day is so important.

If you aren’t committed to your own health, how can you be dedicated to preserving the wellness of your spouse and future family members, if you plan on having children?

Your family’s overall health starts with you. It’s time to take charge.

Exercise regularly

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend adults being active for at least two-and-a-half hours per week. “Being active” can include a long walk on the beach with your new spouse or taking a romantic bike ride through a winding trail.

Anything that raises your breathing and heart rate, as well as strengthens your muscles, is ideal.

Spread your activity out during the week for maximum impact on your body, breaking it into smaller chunks of time during the day.

This can help keep you both motivated and energized to work out as you try to keep in shape, either to reach your pre- or post-wedding weight goals.

Get a check-up

You regular physician is the best resource in determining exactly what type of workout or diet routine you should undertake. Check with your doctor to see if he or she recommends any specific tests.

Their suggestions will be based on your age, sex and health history. The CDC says that regular health exams and tests can help find problems early or before they start, when your chances for treatment are better.

You might need a completely different regimen than your friends or family members, so be sure to find out what will work best for your personal health goals.


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