Chances are, if experts are proclaiming an evacuation due to the threat of a hurricane, you will be leaving your home behind. Waiting it out is never a good idea; the storm may hit your home whether you’re inside or not.

Instead, be proactive in taking measures to protect your home before a hurricane arrives.

Make sure insurance policies are secure

Each year, talk to your insurance agent to ensure your policy covers the full cost of rebuilding if your home is destroyed in a storm.

Experts at the Insurance Information Institute recommend annual inquiries, as building costs are constantly rising. Make sure your home is not just covered for its value but its rebuild value.

Flood insurance

Most insurance companies don’t cover flooding as a part of their regular policies. While damage caused by winds may be covered, you need to find a suitable insurance agency to acquire flood insurance. Consult the National Flood Insurance Program to be referred to an agency in your area.

Enforce roof integrity

Your roof should be exceptionally secure if you live in an area that experiences hurricanes. Consider it the largest potential opening of your home. Inspect your roof to make sure all shingles are properly secured and in place. Ask a local contractor about sealing your roof deck to add extra protection.

Seal windows and doors

Make sure all windows and doors are properly sealed to prevent water from entering. Rain is blown around so fiercely during a hurricane that if there is a weak spot in your home, it will find it. Add extra caulking to seals that appear to be damaged from warm-weather conditions.

Remove lawn furniture

Anything lying around in your yard should be considered dangerous during a hurricane. Strong winds can easily launch lawn furniture or grills through windows. Make sure items as small as garden decorations are stored properly or secured to the ground.

Roof straps

To add even more security to your roof, consider installing roof straps. Some states already require builders to secure the home’s roof to its walls with metal straps. Installation can be performed on a home that is already established. If you have an attic, it can be a cheaper and easier job for a contractor.


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